An American Family History

Jane Davis

Women played an essential role in American society as mothers and homemakers.

Jane Davis was born on August 27, 1728 in Littleton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Her parents were Simon and Jane Davis.

She appeared in the 1776 census Chesterfield, Cheshire, New Hampshire.

During the 17th and 18th centuries an adult unmarried woman was considered to have the legal status of feme sole, while a married woman had the status of feme covert. A feme sole could own property and sign contracts. A feme covert was not recognized as having legal rights and obligations distinct from those of her husband and could not own any property. When a woman became a widow she became a feme sole again.

Children of Simon and Jane Davis
  • Captain Simon Davis
  • Captain Isaac Davis
  • Jane Davis
  • Thankful Davis Hinds
  • Bettey Davis Emmons
  • Mary Davis
  • Dinah Davis Hildreth
  • Olive Davis Wheeler
  • Elias Davis
  • Lieutenant Ebenezer Davis
  • Lydia Davis Davis
  • New Hampshire was first settled by Europeans in 1623. It was separated from Massachusetts in 1679.