An American Family History

Benjamin Douglas

Alternate spellings of Douglas: Dougals, Doughlass, Douglace, Douglass, Dougless, Douglasse, Dowglas, Dowglass, Duglas, Duglass
Guardianship is when a court gives an adult custody of a child and/or the responsibility of managing the child's property. Before women could own property, guardians were appointed for their minor children if their husband died.

Benjamin Douglas was born about 1707 in Charles County, Maryland. He was the son of Captain Benjamin Douglas and Elizabeth Land.

He married Elizabeth Hanson in Charles County. Elizabeth was born November 9, 1707 in Charles County. Elizabeth's parents were Samuel Hanson and Elizabeth Story.

Benjamin and Elizabeth's children probably included:
Eleanor Douglas (1736-1748, died age 12),
Benjamin Douglas (1741) and
Elizabeth Douglas.

In 1740 when Elizabeth's father, Samuel Hanson, died. His will directed that Benjamin and Elizabeth became guardians of her brother William.

In 1743, Benjamin's father left him part of Causin's Manor with the stipulation that Benjamin's mother, Elizabeth, could use the land while she remained a widow.

Benjamin died before September 28, 1747 when he was 40 years old in Charles County.

Many young healthy people died in colonial Maryland due to outbreaks of malaria and yellow fever.