An American Family History

John Dreisbach

Dreisbach is also spelled Dresbach, Dresback, Driesbach, Driesbaugh, Dreisback, and Treisbach.

John (Johannes) Dreisbach was born on June 26, 1769 in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. His father was Colonel Johann Jost Dreisbach.

He married Elizabeth Ginter.

John Dreisbach (1809),
Mary Dreisbach Lilly (1812, married Samuel Lilly),
George Washington Dreisbach (1814, married Abbie Marie Appleman),
Daniel Dreisbach (1817),
Isaac Dresibach (1821),
Magdalena Dreisbach (1823),
James Dreisbach (1825), and
Abraham Dreisbach (1827).

Children of Johann Jost Dreisbach
  • Appolonia Dreisbach Neuhard
  • Catharine Dreisbach Bauman
  • Elizabeth Dreisbach
  • John Jost Dreisbach
  • Simon Dreisbach
  • John Adam Dreisbach
  • Magdalen Dreisbach
  • Susanna Dreisbach Shafer
  • Mary Gertrude Dreisbach
  • John Dreisbach
  • Philip Dreisbach
  • Michael Dreisbach
  • Northampton County, Pennsylvania is on the eastern border of the state in the Lehigh Valley. It was formed in 1752 from parts of Bucks County. Easton is the county seat.