An American Family History

Jessup's Loyal Rangers

Dutchess County, New York patriots forced colonists loyal to the British government to flee north into what became Ontario.

The Loyal Rangers were created on November 12, 1781 from a number of smaller military units including the Loyal Americans

They were led by Edward Jessup (1735). The Jessups had lived in Connecticut for several generations, but moved to the “Upper Nine Partners Patent” in Dutchess County, New York in 1744.

They were usually stationed at Sorel or Verchères and provided garrisons for posts at Yamaska, Rivière-aux-Chiens, Île aux Noix, and Dutchman’s Point (near Alburg, Vermont).

The rangers were disbanded on December 24,  1783.

After the war, Jessup’s Rangers were allotted townships number 6 (Edwardsburg), number 7 (Augusta), and part of number 8 (Elizabethtown), all on the St Lawrence, as well as No 2 (Ernestown), west of Cataraqui (Kingston)




Brockville, Ontario was called Elizabethtown. The area was first settled by English speakers in 1785, when Americans who had remained loyal to the crown fled to Canada after the American Revolution.

Name Rank
Abrams, Christian  
Allen, John  
Amey, Jonas  
Amey, Nicholas  
Anderson, Henry  
Ballister, William sergeant
Barber, Abram  
Bonsile, Jacob  
Bonsteel, Philip  
Brisbane, John  
Brown, Abram  
Bryant, John ensign, Chaplain
Buck, Samuel  
Butler, Freelove  
Cameron, Hugh  
Carpenter, Peter  
Carrigan, Paul  
Carrigan, Peter sergeant
Chambers, James  
Charters, George corporal
Clark, Henry  
Clawson, Caleb  
Cole, Henry  
Conklin, Abram  
Cook, Joseph  
Coons, Tice  
Crowson, Abram  
Daily, Peter  
Davis, James  
Diamond, Jacob  
Dikeman, Martin  
Dixon, John  
Dodner, Ishmael  
Dunham, Daniel  
Dunham, Samuel  
Dusenburgh, John ensign
Earhart, Adam  
Ekenbrack, John  
Elvisbone, Edward  
Embrick, Henry  
Esselstine, John  
Finkle, Henry corporal
Frost, Edmund  
German, Christopher  
German, Jacob fifer
German, John corporal
German, John, Jr.  
Goodwilley, Joseph  
Gordinier, Jacob  
Griffin, Joseph  
Hagerman, Lewis  
Hagerson, Peter  
Hamlin, Silas  
Hand, John  
Harris, Richard  
Herman, Valentine  
Hess, Jacob  
Hicks, Lewis  
Hillikar, John corporal
Hoffman, David  
Hoffman, Nicholas  
Hoglin, Henry  
Hover, Christian ensign
Huffman, Jobst  
Huffnagle, Adam drummer
Huffnagle, Hobst  
Huffnagle, John fifer
Humphrye, James  
Hunter, Moses  
Jessup, Ebenezer captain
Jessup, Edward captain
Jessup, Edward, Jr.  
Jessup, Joseph lieutenant
Jones, David lieutenant
Jones, Jonathan captain
Jones, Solomon ensign Surgeons Mate
Kelly, Martin sergeant
King, Ebenezer  
Lawson, William lieutenant
Libb, John  
Logan, David  
Lovelace, Thomas, Jr.  
Mann, John ensign, Quarter Master
Mann, Thomas ensign
McKenzie, Colin sergeant
McKenzie, John drummer
McKenzie, Thomas drummer
McNeal, Alexander  
McNeal, James  
Michel, John  
Miller, Andrew  
Miller, Ralph  
Mills, John (or Wills)
Moffat, William  
Moore, Jasper  
Nicholason, Alexander  
Nicholason, Archibald  
O'Neal, James lieutenant
Partillo, John  
Partillo, Joshua  
Petterson, Conradt corporal
Phillips, Jonathan  
Pork, John  
Ray, Roswell  
Rifflingberger, Abram  
Rose, Daniel  
Rose, Henry  
Rose, Mathaias  
Roseman, Conradt corporal
Rouse, George sergeant
Schout, John  
Schurtz, John  
Scott, Abram  
Scott, David, Jr.  
Scott, Francis sergeant
Scott, John  
Scott, Niman  
See, Hermanus  
See, James  
See, John  
Sharp, Guysbert lieutenant
Sherman, Simeon  
Shipley, John  
Shoover, Thomas  
Simons, Baltens  
Simons, Henry lieutenant
Simons, John sergeant
Simpson, Robert  
Sliss, John  
Smith, Dennis  
Smith, John corporal
Sneer, Peter  
Snyder, Abram  
Snyder, Peter  
Snyder, William ensign
Snyder, William, Jr.  
Soles, Timothy  
Soles, William  
Stever, Peter  
Stone, Gilbert  
Stone, James  
Stover, Martinus  
Tinkey, Abram  
Tomkins, Israel  
Tyler, Jared  
Webster, Milo  
Wehr, Christian lieutenant
Whitman, Robert  
Wibly, Benny sergeant
Williams, Armstrong  
Williams, John  
Williams, Richard  
Wilsey, James corporal
Yoelshine, Peter  




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