An American Family History

The Ferguson Family


William Ferguson was born in Scotland about 1784.

He was a tanner.

James Ferguson
William Ferguson (1820, married Mary Purvis),
John Ferguson (1824, married Lois Buell),
Archibald Ferguson (1827, married Adeline Mary Buell),
Agnes Ferguson (married William Tennant, Jr.).
daughter Ferguson (married Benjamin Thompson)

They settled in Caintown.




William Ferguson came to Canada in 1832, and settled in Caintown, on Lot No. 20, in the 3rd Concession, where he opened a tannery. He has four sons James, William, John, and Archibald, and two daughters, who married Benjamin Thompson and William Tennant. Upon one occasion James shot a bear with a musket which had to be touched off with a piece of spunk.