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The Mallory Family of Leeds County, Ontario


Connecticut's first European settlers were Dutch.

Enoch Mallory was born about 1744.

Enoch married Huldah and Eunice French, daughters of John French.

Enoch joined General Burgoyne and was there when Burgoyne was captured at Ticonderoga, Enoch was jailed in Albany, but escaped. He was declared a traitor and his property was forfeited.

Enoch received a land grant in 1779. He made his home in Mallorytown.

In 1784 Enoch appeared on the provisioning list for disbanded troops as a member of the Loyal Rangers. He was mustered in Augusta.

In 1800, 1805, and 1808 Enoch was in the Front of Yonge, Johnstown District.

Elisha Mallory (1769, married Jane Grant)
Jeremiah Mallory (1771)

  In 1784 Elisha Mallory appeared on the provisioning list for disbanded troops as a member of the Loyal Rangers. He was mustered in Augusta.  

Jeremiah Mallory was born about 1771 in Fairfield County, Connecticut. He was the son of Enoch Mallory. He married Mary Polly Mallory daughter of Nathaniel Mallory.

Thomas Mallory (1793),
Lucinda (or Lorinda) Mallory (1795),
Elisha Mallory (1797-1887),
Huldah Mallory (1799, married Thomas Kenyon),

David Mallory (1808),
Henry Mallory (1810, married Emeline Griffin and Phebe Comstock),
Mercy Mallory (1812, married Edward S. Thomas), and
Catherine Mallory (1816, married Libeous Philip Wickware),

In 1784 Jeremiah appeared on the provisioning list for disbanded troops. He was in Augusta.

Jeremiah died in 1836.


Elisha Mallory was born in 1797 in Wells, Vermont. His father was Jeremiah Mallory (1771)

He married Clarissa Van Dusen Baxter who was the widow of Alanson Baxter and the daughter of of Peter Van Dusen and Eva Hogaboom.

Elisha died on March 3, 1887.


The Battle of the Windmill was in November, 1838. Loyalists defeated an invasion attempt by Hunter Patriots, led by  Nils von Schoultz, who were attempting to overthrow British rule. The battle was at a windmill two miles east of Prescott.


George Washington Mallory was born on March 5, 1841. He was the son of Elilsha Mallory and Clarissa Van Dusen.

On January 12, 1871 he married Alphema J Wickware.

George died on July 8, 1917 when he was 61.


Nathaniel Mallory (1742) son of Zaccheus Mallory married Abiah Beardsley

Daniel Mallory (1767-1808, married Elizabeth Randolph),
Lemuel Mallory (1771, married Amy Patterson),
Elizabeth Mallory (1772, married William Andress),
Peter Mallory (1774, died as an infant),
Israel Mallory (1776 married Phoebe Ayers),
Mary Polly Mallory (1777, married Jeremiah Mallory),
Andrew Mallory (1780, married Mary Whitney),
David Mallory (1783-1867, married Huldah Keeler),
James Mallory (1785),
Mercy Mallory (1787, married Peter Trickey),
John Mallory (1789).

The family moved to Canada in February 1790 and settled in Yonge Township, Leeds County, Ontario.

Andrew, Israel, and David were assessed in Yonge Township in 1805.

James Mallory was with Captain John Howard's Company of the 1st Regiment Leeds Militia during the War of 1812.


Daniel Mallory was born in 1767 in Fairield County. He married Elizabeth Randolph.

John Mallory (1785, married Sarah Wright),
David Mallory (1787),
Nathaniel Mallory (1791)
Catherine Mallory (1793, married Clossen Ayres),
Huldah Mallory (1795),
Daniel Mallory, Jr. (1797),
Jeremiah Mallory (1799),
Vanransler Price Mallory (1800), and
Rossinda Mallory (1801, married Justin Truesdell, Jr.).

Daniel and Jeremiah were assessed in Yonge Township in 1805.

Daniel died in 1808 and Eliabeth in 1849.



Israel Mallory (1776-1822) married Phoebe Ayers.

Israel Mallory (1803),
Ephraim Mallory (1805),
William Mallory (about 1808), and
Hiram Mallory (about 1808).

The 1810 census indicated that they had an adopted daughter.



David Mallory was born about 1783 in Vermont. He was the son of Nathaniel Mallory. He married the widow Huldah Keeler Patterson on November 7, 1811. She was the daughter of Silvanus Keeler, and was William Patterson's widow.

Ira Mallory (1812, married Mary Hughes),
Charles Mallory (1814),
Lavinia Mallory (1817, married Shubel Kelly),
Amasa Whitney Mallory (1819, married Charity Lee and Nancy Purvis),
Elizabeth Mallory (1820),
Huldah Mallory (1824, married Charles Henry Wilcox),
Mercy Mallory (1826), and
Clara Mallory (1829, married Frank Lee).


from The Christian Guardian, August 7, 1850.

Mallory, Mrs Uldah [sic] was the daughter of Silvanus Keeler, one of the first laborers called to the Methodist ministry of Canada. Her first husband died, leaving her with 3 little children. Subsequently, she married Mr. Mallory. She died having served God for upwards of 60 years; survived by her husband, sons and daughters.


from Ontario Christian Guardian

Mallory, David was born in Vermont, Feb. 26, 1783 and came to Canada in Feb., 1790 with his parents, 8 brothers and 4 sisters, settling in Yonge Twp.

on Nov. 7, 1811 he married Mrs. Hulda Patterson, widow of William Patterson, and daughter of Rev. Silvenus Keeler.

They raised a family of 3 sons and 5 daughters.After his wife died, Oct. 28, 1849, he went to live with his son, Ira.

He died at his son's home, Yonge Twp., Oct. 29, 1867; age 84 yrs. 4 months, 3 days.


Lemuel Mallory (1771-1833) was born in Fairfield County, Connecticut. He married Amy Patterson.

Price Mallory (1799, married Martha (Patty) Hutchinson),
Lemuel Mallory (1801),
Margaret (Peggy) B. Mallory (1807, married Julius Guild),
Elizabeth Anna Mallory (1809, married Israel Guild),
Huldah Keeler Mallory (1811, married David Seaman ),
Salachy Mallory (1817, married Stephen Ducolon)
Rachel Mallory (1814, married Samuel Trusdell)
Archibald F. Mallory (1817, married Sally Monfort), and
Molly Mallory (1818, married Nathan Baxter).

Lemule was assessed in Yonge Township in 1805.

On February 5, 1833 Lemuel Mallory and a son and a stranger from Jones Mills, Ontario attempted to cross the river near Hammond. The son and the stranger fell through the ice near Grenadier Island and drowned. Lemuel hung onto the ice and shouted for help, but finally let go and drowned too.





from History of Leeds and Grenville Ontario 1879.

Daniel Mallory and his wife came from Vermont in 1784; Mr. Mallory being a U. E. Loyalist. He first settled at Mallorytown Landing, but shortly after moved to the farm now occupied by his grandson, Ira Mallory.

Mr. [Nathaniel] Mallory's family consisted of the following children:
Daniel, who married Elizabeth Randolph and settled in Mallorytown, raising a family of fourteen children (two of whom died young), the remainder settling in close proximity to each other.
Samuel married Amy Patterson; their family was also large;

[Lemuel's children are then listed: ]
Peggy, a daughter, married Julius Guild;
Anna married Israel Guild
Hulda married Daniel Seaman, near Brockville;
Salachy married Stephen Ducolon;
Rachel married Samuel Trusdell;
Molly married Nathaniel Baxter

There were also
Hutcheson and

Andrew [Mallory], the third son of Daniel Mallory, Sr.,[sic] married Mary Whitney, by whom he had four children;

Polly married Israel Perkins;
Phoebe married a man named Armstrong;
Nancy married Ichabod Fell;
Philinda married Edmund Dunsmore.

Peter Mallory had two sons;

William died in Blenheim;
Peter, jr., resides in Oshawa.

David Mallory married Hulda Patterson nee Keeler. His family consisted of

Amasa W.,
Lavina, who married Shubel Kelly;
Elizabeth married Oran Adams;
Hulda married Charles Wilcox;
Mercy married Henry S. Judd;
Clara married T. T. Lee.

Israel Mallory married Phoebe Eyres. His family consisted of

William and

The family of James Mallory consisted of

Nancy, who married John H. Hughes;
Fanny, and

John Mallory raised the following family:

John, Jr.,
Laura, who married Rev. George Jones; Sally, married Wilson Shipman;
and Sabra.

Elizabeth Mallory married William Andress.

Polly Mallory married Jeremiah Mallory, an emigrant from the United States, he being a distant relative of the original settlers. Family of Jeremiah [Mallory]:

Hulda, who married Thomas Kenyon;
Mercy, married Edward S. Thomas;
Catherine, married L. Wickwire;
Lucinda married Elliott Metcalfe.

Mercy Mallory married Peter Trickey.

Catherine Mallory married C. Ayres, and raised a numerous family.

For many years past Mr. Ira Mallory has been Treasurer of the Municipality; many of the remaining descendants also occupying leading positions in the Township.


The first European settlements in Ontario were after the American Revolution when 5,000 loyalists left the new United States.



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