An American Family History

The Smyth Family of Leeds County, Ontario

  also spelled Smith  

Leeds County, Ontario, Canada was first surveyed in 1792 in preparation for the United Empire Loyalists settlers. In 1850, Leeds County merged with Grenville to create theĀ United Counties of Leeds and Grenville.

Thomas Smythe was born about 1758 in New York. He was the son of George Montague Smythe.

Thomas was a lieutenant in the King's Royal Regiment of New York.

He married Lavinia Comstock.

Thomas and Lavinia's children included:

Terrance Smyth (1791, married Eleanor Weatherhead, daughter of Samuel Weatherhead),
Henry George Smyth
Rosamond Smyth (married Thomas Sparham),
Cordelia Smyth
Rachael Smyth
Mary Smyth (married John Purvis, son of Peter Purvis and Catherine Gardiner)
Marilla Smyth (married John M. Easton),
Lavina Smyth
Maria Smyth

In the 1801 Elizabethtown census: Thomas, Lavinia, Rosanna George, Rachel, Mary, Terry and Sinthe.

During the War of 1812, Terrance was in the Leeds County Militia as an ensign.

Thomas died in 1832.

The first European settlements in Ontario were after the American Revolution when 5,000 loyalists left the new United States.