An American Family History

The Bachtell, Coulston and Braun Families


The Bachtells were Mennonites and the Coulstons were Quakers. They left Europe for religious freedom in Pennsylvania.

Hans George Bachtell  

William Coulston

Yorkshire, England
Whitpain, Montgomery (was Philadelphia) County, Pennsylvania

David Rittenhouse

Jacob and Eliza Bachtell 1704

Germany or Switzerland
Pottstown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Hereford, Berks County, Pennsylvania


Martin and Elizabeth Bachtell 1728

Germany or Switzerland
New Hanover, Montgomery (was Philadelphia) County, Pennsylvania

  • Jacob Bachtell
  • Daniel Bachtell
  • Joseph Bachtell
  • Anna Bachtell
  • Martin Bachtell
  • Christian Bachtell
  • Samuel Bachtell
  • David Bachtell
  • Elizabeth Bachtell
Claus Braun    

Henry Coulston and Rebecca Braun about 1734

Hanover Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania (now Lower Pottsgrove Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)


Samuel Bachtell and Rebecca Coulston

New Hanover, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Londonderry Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania

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