An American Family History

The Nicholson, Beard, Robins & Cornish Families

Ancestors of Rebecca Nicholson Ricketts

Rebecca Nicholson Ricketts was born in 1681 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Her parents were John Nicholson and Rebecca Beard.

Rebecca Beard's parents were Richard Beard and Rachel Robins. Richard was a planter and large land owner. He became a Quaker. In the early 1700s, their grandson, Richard Clark, terrorized Annapolis.

Rachel Robins' parents were Edward Robins and Jane Cornish. They married in England, immigrated to Virginian and then moved to Anne Arundel County where they were planters.

Rachel's mother Jane Cornish married Captain George Puddington after her father's death.


Richard Robins and Dorothy Goodman  
Richard Cornish and Grace Gooding  

Edward Robins and Jane Cornish about 1630

Northampton, now Accomack County, Virginia

Anne Arundel County, Maryland


Richard Beard and Rachel Robins about 1648

Anne Arundel County, Maryland


John Nicholson and Rebecca Beard about 1680

Anne Arundel County, Maryland

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