An American Family History

Austin Kilham

“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists."
― Franklin D. Roosevelt
Understand the Puritans better:

Austin Kilham was born in England before 1600. His parents were Henry Kilham and Alice Goodale.

He married Alice Gorball. Their children and life together are described in detail in the section on Austin and Alice Kilham.
Various spellings of Kilham: Callum, Killam, Killiam, Killom, Killum
Children of Austin Kilham
and Alice Gorball
  • Daniel Kilham
  • John Kilham
  • Lot Kilham
  • Sarah Kilham Fiske
  • Elizabeth Kilham Hutton
  • Mary Kilham
  • He sailed from England for New England on the ship Mary Ann with his wife, children, and brother, Daniel, and landed at Salem. They established a permanent home at Wenham.

    He was a freeman of Wenham before 1647.

    Austin died on April 5, 1667

    Old Style Calendar
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    Any man entering a colony or becoming a a member the church, was not free. He was not forced to work, but his movements were carefully observed to see if they followed the Puritanical ideal. After this probationary period, he became a "freeman." Men then took the Oath of a Freeman where they vowed to defend the Commonwealth and not to overthrow the government.

    Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts was settled in 1636. The first settlers called it Enon or Salem Village. It was officially set off from the Town of Salem on May 10, 1643.





    Chelmsford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts was incorporated in May, 1655

    The Fiske Family by Albert Augustus Fisk, 1867

    Austin Kilham, with his brother Daniel, emigrated from the Parish of Kilham, Yorkshire, England, the same year, and probably in company with the Fiskes. Both settled and were freemen in Wenham before 1645, and are presumed to be the ancestors of all New England families of that name. . .

    Austin, by wife Alice, had Lot, born in 1640, who settled and died in Enfield; and Sarah, born in 1642, who married deacon William Fiske, and died January 26. 1737, (as the record says,) aged 98." Her father, and probably his brother, followed Rev. John Fiske to Chelmsford, 1657. Her cousin, Daniel Kilham, Jr., figured conspicuously in town affairs for many year and his son, Hon. Daniel Kilham, (a democrat), was the formidable protagonist of Hon. Timothy Pickering in many a hotly contested campaign in Essex politics.,

    Deacons played a respected and important role in early New England churches. They sat in a raised pew near the pulpit and had special duties during communion.




    The History of Wenham: Civil and Ecclesiastical : from Its Settlement in 1639, to 1860 by Myron Oliver Allen printed by Bazin & Chandler, 1860

    The name of Austin Kilham occurs among the earliest settlers of Wenham. He is supposed to have come from the West Riding of Yorkshire, where the parish of Kilham still exists, situated near Beverly, the principal market town in that part of England. From this Austin Kilham, all who bear the name of Kilham, which has now become considerably diffused in our country, are supposed to be descended. The family have, at different periods, taken an active and prominent part in the affairs of the town.





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