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Lot Kilham

Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts was settled in 1636. The first settlers called it Enon or Salem Village. It was officially set off from the Town of Salem on May 10, 1643.

Lot Kilham was born at Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts on September 11, 1640. His parents were Austin and Alice Kilham.

He married his cousin, Hannah Goodale, on May 21, 1666. Hannah was born on August 6, 1645 in Salem. Her parents were Robert Goodale and Catherine Kilham. Hannah's sister, Sarah Goodale married John Batcheller.

Robert [Goodale] seems to have devoted his life to the development of his large grant for the benefit of his sons and daughters to whom, as they married, he gave generous acreages as wedding gifts, thus creating a family settlement about his own homestead.

Hannah and Lot's children included:
Hannah Kilham who was born at Wenham on March 16, 1667 and
James Kilham who was born at Enfield in 1677.

He settled at Enfield, Connecticut. He died there in 1683.

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Various spellings of Kilham: Callum, Killam, Killiam, Killom, Killum
Children of Austin Kilham
and Alice Gorball
  • Daniel Kilham
  • John Kilham
  • Lot Kilham
  • Sarah Kilham Fiske
  • Elizabeth Kilham Hutton
  • Mary Kilham
  • Estate inventories give us a glance into the home life of Colonial Americans.

    Connecticut's first European settlers were Dutch.



    Essex County, Massachusetts was created on May 10, 1643 by the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, when it ordered "that the whole plantation within this jurisdiction be divided into four sheires."

    A plaintiff (plt, plte, plt is a person who brings a case against another.
    A defendant (def tf) is a person accused of a crime or someone challenged in a civil case.

    from Goodale-Goodell Forebears by Helena M. (Goodale) Hargrave of Walnut Creek, California

    In the 9th year of the reign of King Charles, 1634, Robert Goodell3 and wife Katherine Kilham (daughter probably of Henry and Alice Goodale Kilham) sailed from the port of Ipswich, Suffolk County, England, on April 30 on the ship Elizabeth, Capt. William Andrews, Master. With them were daughter Mary, 4, and sons Abraham, 2, and Isaac 'age one-half year.'

    They landed in Salem, Massachusetts, where Robert purchased 543 acres of land from the town of Salem and Danvers. That same year he received a grant of 40 acres from the town of Salem, between Ipswich River, Redding Road and the Newburyport turnpike. In 1652 the town laid out to him 504 acres.

    Children born in Salem to Robert and Katherine were
    Zachariah, 1638;
    Jacob, 1640;
    Hannah, 1642; and
    Sarah, 1645.

    In 1646 Katherine died and Robert married Margaret Larraby in 1647, by whom he had one daughter, Elizabeth.

    Robert seems to have devoted his life to the development of his large grant for the benefit of his sons and daughters to whom, as they married, he gave generous acreages as wedding gifts, thus creating a family settlement about his own homestead.

    His firm, clear handwriting would indicate a good education, but he took no part in governmental affairs and his name seldom appears in the records in any capacity except as plaintiff or defendant in suits based on the ownership of his land and stock.

    On August 30, 1669, he made a settlement on his second wife, Margaret: "12 acres of land, a new dwelling house, two cowes and a horse or mare fitt for her to ride on." He died and his will was proved June 27, 1683—he left his estate to his daughter Elizabeth and his grandson, John Smith. Wife Margaret was mentioned as having already been provided for, as were his other children.

    King Charles I ruled England from March 27, 1625 to 1649.

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    from History of Littleton, New Hampshire compiled by George C. Furber

    Robert Goodall, b. 1604, embarked at Ipswich, England, in April, 1634, with his wife Catherine, b. 1606, and children Mary, Abraham, and Isaac. He settled in Salem, Mass., and tradition asserts that he was murdered 1677 by Giles Corey. (Longfellow's Giles Corey of the Salem Towns.)


    The Fiske Family by Albert Augustus Fiske

    Austin, by wife Alice, had Lot, born in 1640, who settled and died in Enfield..


    History of Captain Roswell Preston of Hampton, Connecticut by Edward M. Preston published by Edward M. Preston, 1899

    Lot, son of Austin Killam, born at Wenham, 11 Sept., 1640, m. Hannah Goodale 21 May, 1666, settled at Enfield, Conn., where some of his descendants are still living.


    The New England Historical and Genealogical Register by Henry Fitz-Gilbert Waters, New England Historic Genealogical Society

    Lot Kilham (Austin? Henry1) married Hannah Goodale, May 21,1666. He went to Enfield, Conn., where it is recorded that he died 1683, aged between 40 and 50.

    I. Hannah, b. at Wenham, March 16, 1667.
    II. James, b. at Enfield, 1677.
    1677 Map of New England
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