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The Pennepek Baptist Church

Pennepek Church

In January, 1688, Elias Keach formed a church at Pennepek. The first twelve members were Elias Keach, John Eaton, George and Jane Eaton, Sarah Eaton, Samuel Jones, John Baker, Samuel Vaus, Joseph and Jane Ashton, William Fisher and John Watts.

Rev. John Watts was the next pastor at Pennepek. He was baptized by Elias Keach on November 21, 1687, and called to the ministry the next year. He continued in the Pennepek pastorate until his death on August 27, 1702.

In 1697 William Davis, who had left the Friends with George Keith, joined the Baptists. Davis was expelled for heresy in 1698, and joined the Seventh-Day Baptists. Rev. John Watts wrote a reply to his book called Davis Disabled.