An American Family History

Ijams Family

  Also spelled: I'ans, Eyoms, Eyams, Iiams, Ijams, Ijames, Iames, Iiames, Iams, Imes  
Maryland was established with religious freedom for Catholics. The colonial economy was based on tobacco cultivated by Africans who had been enslaved.

William Ijams was born about 1640 in England. He married Elizabeth Cheney.

William and Elizabeth's children probably included:

Charles Ijams (1667-1673),
William Ijams (1670, married Elizabeth Yates Plummer),
Richard Ijams (1673-1761, married Anne Cheney and Elizabeth Gaither),
Susanna Ijams
Elizabeth Ijams
George Ijams (1676),
Hester Ijams (1679, relationship with John Duvall, married John Nicholson, Jr.).

William Ijams was in South River Hundred by 1665.

In 1674, Elizabeth's father, Richard Cheney, gave them Cheney's Resolution.

William Iiams died in 1703 and was buried at All Hallow's Parish, Maryland.

He left his son, William, and daughter, Elizabeth, five shilling each. He left son, Richard, 100 acres near the Patuxent River in Prince George's County and son, George, 100 acres on the north side of Western Run. His widow, Elizabeth inherited her dower rights. Richard, George, Hester, and Susannah, received the residue of the estate.

Elizabeth was the executrix and filed the account on February 7, 1706/07, reporting a balance of 37£ 8s 4d.

American colonists continued to use British monetary units, namely the pound, shilling and pence for which £1 (or li) equalled 20s and 1s equalled 12d. In 1792 the dollar was established as the basic unit of currency.