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The Pattison Family



The first European settlements in Maryland were made in 1634 when English settlers created a permanent colony. This colony was established with religious freedom for Catholics. The colonial economy was based on tobacco cultivated by African slaves.

from Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 2
23rd Sept., 1697; 1st Apr., 1698.
Will of James Pattison St. Mary's Co., Maryland.

To John Hall, personalty.

To grandchild., child. of dau. Elinor Harbert, now wife of William Herbert [Harbart], formerly wife of John Angell, viz., James, John, and Angelor Angell, Vitires, Luke, Michael, Francis and Mark Harbert, and grandson John Hammond, son of Daniel Hammond, dec'd, personalty as each reaches his majority.

To Ann Angell and hrs., certain tract of land.

To John Angell and hrs., certain tract of land

To Angelor Angell and hrs., land on St. Jerome's Plain.

To Francis Herbert and hrs., land on St. Jerome's Plain.

To Mark Harbert and hrs., tract of land.

To dau. Ellinor Harbert and hrs., testator's part of Churchill; and new dwelling plantation, during her life and the life of her husband, James Harbert.

To Luke Harbert and hrs., The New Ground.

To Michael Harbert and hrs., parcel of land (unnamed).

To Vitriss Harbert and hrs., tract of land.

To James Angell and hrs., home plantation at the death of his mother Elinor and father-in-law [step-father] William Herbert.

To John Stills and hrs., land.

In event of death of all the Angell hrs. their lands to pass to the Harberts, and in like manner there being no Harbert hrs. Angells to inherit their portion.

Dau. Ellinor afsd to collect all rents during her lifietime; her son James Angell to succeed her.
Exs.: William and Ellinor Harbert afsd
Test: Thos. Jameson, Thos. Hathcrsal, Philip DelPoole

Charles County is in south central Maryland and was created in 1658. The first settlers were mainly English tobacco planters, their indentured servants and enslaved people. Many of of the settlers were Roman Catholic. The county, as originally laid out, also included parts of present day Calvert, Prince George's and St. Mary's Counties.