An American Family History

Theophilus Rix

Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts was settled in 1636. The first settlers called it Enon or Salem Village. It was officially set off from the Town of Salem on May 10, 1643.

Theophilus Rix was baptized on August 20, 1665 at the First Church in Salem, Massachusetts. His parents were Thomas Rix and Bridget Muskett.

He married Hannah Foster on May 11, 1709/10. Hannah was born November 22, 1673. Her father was William Foster.

Theophilus and Hannah lived in Wenham.

Their children included:
Samuel Rix (April 7, 1711) and
Hannah Rix (May 4, 1717).

Theophilus died on July 5, 1726.

Children of William Fiske (Fisk)
and Bridget Muskett
  • Deacon William Fiske
  • Samuel Fiske
  • Joseph Fiske
  • Benjamin Fiske
  • Martha Fiske
  • Bridget Muskett
    and Thomas Rix
  • Theophilus Rix
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    from History and Genealogy of the Rix family of America by Guy Scoby Rix

    Theophilus Rix2 (Thomas1), born , bapt. in First Church, Salem, Mass., Aug. 20, 1665; died July 5, 1726; married, May 11, 1709-10, Hannah Foster, born Nov. 22, 1673. He resided in Wenham, Mass.

    i. Samuel, b. Apr. 7, 1711. He settled in Prince Edward's Island, and some of his descendants are living to-day in Salem, Mass. They report that he came from Ireland.

    ii. Hannah3, b. May 4, 1717.

    Wenham was first settled by English Puritans. The church was formed in 1644 with John Fiske as pastor.