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Rachel Nicholson Cheney

Cheney has also been spelled: Chain, Chainey, Chania, Chaney, Chany, Cheyney, and China.
Nicholson is also spelled: Nichols, Nicholls
American colonists continued to use British monetary units, namely the pound, shilling and pence for which £1 (or li) equalled 20s and 1s equalled 12d. In 1792 the dollar was established as the basic unit of currency.

Rachel Nicholson Cheney was born on September 20, 1688 in Anne Arundel, County, Maryland. She was the daughter of John and Nicholson and Rebecca Beard.

She married Richard Cheney on December 07, 1707. An 1804 court case indicated that her husband was the oldest son of Richard Cheney and Eleanor Pindell.

Richard and Rachel's children included:
Elizabeth Cheney (1709, married Greenbury Cheney),
Rachel Cheney (1711),
Mary Cheney Williams (1717, married John Williams), and
Rebecca Cheney (1721).

The plantiff in the 1804 case testified that Richard owned and lived on Cheney's Hazard.

Rachel died about 1721 when she was about 35 years old.

Richard died on April 24, 1750.

Anne Arundel County, Maryland was established in 1650 and was originally part of St. Mary's County.
Children of John Nicholson and Rebecca Beard:
  • Rebecca Nicholson Ricketts
  • Elizabeth Nicholason Welsh
  • John Nicholson
  • Rachel Nicholson Cheney
  • Susanna Nicholson Hopper
  • Richard Nicholson


    Greenbury Cheney was born in 1713 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. His parents were Charles Cheney and Ann Jones. He was probably named in honor of Colonel Charles Greenberry.

    He married his cousin, Elizabeth Cheney.

    Elizabeth and Greenbury's children probably included:
    Zachariah Cheney (1733, died in 1807 in Bedford, Pennsylvania)
    Rebecca Cheney Chaplin (1735, married John Chaplin)

    He died in 1760 in Frederick, Virginia.



    Maryland was established with religious freedom for Catholics. The colonial economy was based on tobacco cultivated by Africans who had been enslaved.

    from the Descendants of Richard Cheney of Anne Arundel Maryland

    Richard3 Cheney (Richard 2 , Richard 1 ) was born 8 Mar 1683, in All Hallow's, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland. He married
    (1) Rachel Nicholson 11 Dec 1707, in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland She was born 20 Sep 1688, in All Hallow's, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland.

    They had 3 children:
    Rachel Cheney, christened 12 Sep 1711, in All Hallow's, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland.
    Elizabeth Cheney, died after 16 Nov 1725.
    Mary Cheney, christened 28 Jul 1717, in All Hallow's, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland.

    Rachel died before 11 Sep 1722.

    Richard next married (2) Mary Penn 11 Sep 1722, in All Hallow's, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland. They had 5 children:
    Richard Cheney, born after 1722, in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland.
    Edward Cheney, born after 1722, in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland.
    John Cheney, born after 1722, in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland.
    Joseph Cheney, born after 1722, died before 1784.
    James Cheney, born after 1722, in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland.

    Richard died after 24 Apr 1750.


    from Maryland and Virginia Colonials by Sharon J. Doliante

    Richard Cheney, III, b. "Thurs.", Mar. 8 1682/2; "buried March, 1719"; m. Dec. 11, 1707, Rachel Nicholson. The name of Rachel, the widow, appears on record in 1717 (Note: Mr. Newman, op. cit., identified this Richard as the one who m. Rachel Nicholson, but he had an uncle of the same name and same approximate age, and frankly we do not know how they can be distinguished one from the other.)

    Issue of Richard and Rachel (Nicholson) Cheney:
    i. Elizabeth Cheney, bapt. Sept. 12, 1711; m. Nov. 16 1725, her cousin Greenbury Cheney, son of Charles and Anne (Jones) Pattison Cheney.
    ii. Rachel Cheney, bapt. September 12, 1711.
    iii. Mary Cheney, bapt. July 28, 1717.
    iv. Rebecca Cheney, bapt. June 24, 1721.



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