An American Family History


1840 Carter County Census near Hart

Uriah Woods      
John Morris      
Elizabeth Blevins      
William Carter      
Jonathan Poland      
Jonathan Crouch      
Peter W. Emmert (1771, son of George Emmert)    
Elizabeth Emmert      
William Bishop      
Price Penick      
Elizabeth William      
John C. Lang      
Mark Lang      
Eli Campbell      
William Turner      
James Turner      
William C. Renfro      
Leonard Hart (1758)    
Solomon Hart (son of Leonard Hart)    
Abraham Hart (1811, son of Leonard Hart)    
Lewis Emmert      
Richard Kelley      
Armstead B. Cooper      
Loyd Arrowwood      
John Berry      
Abraham McMillin      
Delina Crouch widow Isaac Crouch    
Tobias Hendrix married Katurah Hendrix