An American Family History


Torbett Family

  also spelled Torbit, Torbitt  
  John Torbett was born about 1729  

Hugh Torbett

He married Sarah Allison.

John Torbett (1771, married Catherine Payne),
Alexander Torbett,
Sarah Torbett Blevins (1776, married David Blevins).


John Torbett was born about 1771 in York County, Pennsylvania. His parents were Hugh Torbett and Sarah Allison.

He married Catherine Payne.

Catherine and John's children probably included:
Sarah A. Torbett Malone (1815, married Thomas F. Malone),
Samuel Torbett (1817),
Hugh Torbett (1818),
John Torbett (1820),
Joseph Torbett (1821),
James Alexander Torbett (1825),
Allen E. Torbett (1826),
Josiah Torbett (1828),
Martin Torbett (1831), and
Hannah Torbett (1833).

John Torbett was in McClellan's Company in 1836.

John died about 1838 in Piney Flats, Tennessee.


Joseph Torbett was born about 1773. His parents were Hugh Torbet and Sarah Allison.

Samuel Torbett (1801, Lydia McCorkle),
Allen Torbett (1802),
Lucinda Torbett (1805, married Josiah Hodge),
Hannah Torbett (1807, married Michael Massengill),
Susannah Torbett (1810, married George McCorkle),
John Torbett (1813, married Margaret Hall),
Mary M. Torbett (1818, married Christopher Himes), and
Amanda Torbett (1821, ).