An American Family History


The Slaughter Family


Francis Slaughter was the son of Francis Slaughter and Elizabeth Underwood, was a planter in Richmond County, Virginia which had been part of old Rappahannock County Virginia.

In 1679 he married Margaret Hudson.

Robert Slaughter (Frances Ann Jones)
William Slaughter;
Martha Slaughter;
Mary Slaughter; and
Elizabeth Slaughter.

Francis Slaughter died in Richmond County, Virginia in 1718.


Robert Slaughter was the son of Francis Slaughter and Margaret Hudson,.

About 1700 he married Frances Ann Jones.

Robert and Frances' children probably included:
Nancy Slaughter (1700, married Joseph Pitts),
Francis Slaughter;
Robert Slaughter and
Thomas Slaughter.

His will was dated February 5, 1725 and proved in Essex County, Virginia on August 16, 1726.

Essex County was established in 1692 from the old Rappahannock County, Virginia