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Immigrants from Seraing, Belgium to Braidwood, Illinois


Seraing is a city in the Walloon or French speaking, southern Province of Liege, Belgium in the valley of Meuse river across which is the coal-mining area of Jemeppe-sur-Meuse. This location allowed Seraing to become an important industrial center during the Industrial Revolution. It was known for its iron works and glass works.

In 1864, a farmer digging for water found coal in what is now Braidwood, Will County, Illinois. A town quickly formed which was called Keeversville, The Grove. On March 4, 1873, the city was incorporated and named for James Braidwood, the supervisor of the first deep shaft.

Many miners were needed and they arrived from other parts of America, especially West Virginia and Europe including from Seraing, Beligum.


Illinois became a state in 1818. A large influx of American settlers came in the 1810s by the Ohio River.

Name   Born Immigrated  
Bertram, Gille   1824 1870  
Bertram, James &        
Bertrand, Francois & Catherine Hocquette   1833 1870  
Coclet, Joseph A.   1843 abt 1872  
Decerf, Francois   1854 about 1882  
Hortekam, Francois & Angelique miner 1833 1882 SS Zeeland  
Kinkin, Alexis and Marguerite Decerf   1851 1880  
MaKiney, William or Maquinay, Guillaume & Francoise Denise Decerf and marguerite Decerf miner 1853 1882 Bergenland  
Moreau, Henri & Louis miner 1846 1882 SS Zeeland  
Naillieux, Joseph and Mary Jennifer Bertram   1859    
Naillieux, Simeon and Ernestine Bertram   1866    
Yerly, John   1842    




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