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Joseph Collins

Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts was first settled by English Puritans in 1629 and was first incorporated in 1631 as Saugus.

Joseph Collins was born about 1640 in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts. His parents were Henry and Ann Collins.

He married Sarah about 1668 and Maria Smith on October 15, 1684. Their children and life together is described in detail in the section on Joseph and Sarah Collins.

In 1685 he signed a petition to be paid for his services in the Wampanoag war which was also known as King Philip's War.

He died in 1734 and was buried on February 4, 1734 in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts.

Return of a jury of inquest, dated July 8, 1673, appointed to view a body lying upon the beach in Mr. King's farm, which which had been cast up by the tide. The man had on a pair of gray breeches, a leather apron, and old red drawers, and had reddish hair. He had also a knife with a white helf and a pair of russet shoes with French heels, and we see him buryed.

Signed by Jacob Knight, Nathanyell Bal, Samuell Johnson, Mathew Farrington, John Nueall, Samuell Hartt, Joseph Collines, Samuell Tarbox, William Crofts, Crispas Brewer, Ralph Kingt and Thomas Farar (his mark).

Also in 1673, Thomas Laughton, cleric, in behalf of the selectmen of Lynn,

receivinge a note from the worshipfull maior William Hathorne and mr Henry Bartholemew a comittee chossen to see some repaire to be done att the greate Bridge in our Towne did agree with Henry collins Juniar and Joseph Collins to repaire the same for they were to have three pounds.

King Philip’s War was a bloody and costly series of raids and skirmishes in 1675 and 1676 between the Native American people and the colonials. King Philip was the Native American leader Metacom.


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