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Isaac Davis and Elizabeth Powers

Greenwich, Hampshire County, Massachusetts
Chesterfield, Cheshire County, New Hampshire
Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire

In 1662 Hampshire County, Massachusetts was formed from the western section of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Parts of the original county became Hampden, Franklin, Berkshire and Worcester Counties.
It was common for bequests to include wearing apparel.
New Hampshire was first settled by Europeans in 1623. It was separated from Massachusetts in 1679.

Captain Isaac Davis married his first wife, Lucy Osborn, on August 1, 1750 in Greenwich, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

Isaac and Lucy's children were all born in Greenwich, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Jonathan Davis was born about 1753. Lucy Davis was born in 1753. Jemima Davis McMichel was born about 1756 and her sister Lucy died that year. Jacob Davis was born on October 12, 1757. Twins Isaac Jr, and Samuel Davis were born on July 27, 1761. Lucy died shortly after the twins were born on August 26, 1761. Samuel died on January 3, 1762.

Isaac Davis and Elizabeth Powers were married on February 16, 1762 at the Greenwich Church of Christ.

Their first children were born in Greenwich. Their first three daughters died young. Elizabeth Davis was born between 1765 and 1769. She died in 1771. Susannah Davis was born in 1766 and died in 1771 and Olive Davis was born on October 20, 1767 and died on November 27, 1767. Joel Davis was born on September 29, 1768. Susannah (Susanna) Davis Shattuck was born on February 19, 1769. 

They moved to Chesterfield, New Hampshire between 1770 and 1773. Isaac’s sister Bettey Emmons also moved to Chesterfield.  The last of the children were born there.

Eunice Davis Dwinnell was born on May 23, 1771. Jemima Davis McMichel married in 1772. Lydia Davis was born on May 16, 1773. She died as a baby in 1774.

In the 1776 New Hampshire census an Isaac Davis appeared in Chesterfield, Cheshire. Hannah Davis was born on July 30, 1775.  She died as a baby in 1777. Jonathan married in 1775.

The Davis family was active in the American Revolution. The men signed the Association Test in 1776 and Captain Davis died in 1776 as a result of his service in the Revolution.

After Isaac's death the family probably moved to Keene, New Hampsire where Abigail Davis Stephens was born on May 8, 1777. Jacob married about 1778.  

In September of 1778, Elizabeth married Captain Stephen Griswold in Keene. Captain Griswold had been a lieutenant in her husband’s company during the revolution. 

Mary Griswold was born about 1779. Clara Griswold Rockwood was born about 1781. Flavia Griswold Hendrix (Hendricks) was born about 1783. Esther Griswold Bliss was born on July 7, 1785. Eunice married in 1787. Joel and Susannah married in 1789.

The Griswold household appeared in Keene at the time of the 1790 and 1800 census. Stephen died about 1806 in Chesterfield.
Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire was settled after 1736 and was a fort protecting Massachusetts during the French and Indian Wars. It was called Upper Ashuelot. When New Hampshire separated from Massachusetts in 1741 it became Keene, New Hampshire. During King George's War, the village was attacked and burned.

The Association Test
“We, the subscribers do hereby solemnly engage and promise that we will, to the utmost of our powers, at the risque of our lives and fortunes, with arms, oppose the hostile proceedings of the British fleets and Armies against the United American Colonies." 

Europeans first settled New Hampshire in the 1620s.
American colonists continued to use British monetary units, namely the pound, shilling and pence for which £1 (or li) equalled 20s and 1s equalled 12d. In 1792 the dollar was established as the basic unit of currency.

The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America and was ratified in 1789.




The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783) was between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the 13 colonies which became the newly formed United States.

History of Chesterfield

Capt. Isaac Davis settled in Chfd. between 1770 and '73. His wife was Elizabeth--. He d. Nov. 28, 1776. In the decree of distribution the following ch. were mentioned:
Jonathan (3),
Jacob (3),
Eunice (b. May 23 1771);
Abigail, (b. May 8, 1772).
According to the town records there were two ch. that d. in infancy, viz;
Lydia, b. May 16, 1773, and d. 1774;
Hannah, b. July 30, 1775, and d. 1777.

Greenwich, Hampshire County, Massachusetts was incorporated in 1749 and dissolved in 1938. It was renamed from Quabbin in 1754 .
Chesterfield, Sullivan County, New Hampshire was incorporated in 1752. It is on the Connecticut River and bounded on the southeast by Swansey and Keene. In 1790 during the first census, Sullivan County was part of Cheshire County.

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