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Ezra Brown


Ezra Brown was born about 1782in Chatham, Columbia County, New York . He was the son of Benjamin Brown, Sr. and Sarah Case.

Rebecca Clarissa Brown (1802),
Achsah S. Brown (1803)
Nelson Brown (1805)
Orrin Brown (1807),
Fannie Brown (1810
Almeda Brown (1813
Nancy Jane Brown (1816)
Elizabeth Betsey Brown (1819)
Sally Brown (1821).

On January 1, 1799 He married Elizabeth Newell

Elizabeth's and Ezra's children included:

Clarissa Brown m. Morrison McMillan 
Achsah S. Brown m. Benjamin S. McMillan
Nelson Brown m. Nancy Blair
Sarah "Sally" Jane Brown m. Samuel Lewis
Fanny Brown m. James E. Drake
Orrin Brown M. Mary Ann Davis
Nancy Jane Brown m. Cyrus Waterman Pope
Almeda Brown died as young woman
Elizabeth Brown m. Thomas E. Tuckerman

Sabrina and Ezra's children included:

Amanda Brown
Ransom Daniel Brown m. Eliza Rowena Van Fleet
Adella Brown m. Henry Everett

On July 13, 1799 Benjamin and his brother Nathan sold 20 acres in Chatham, Columbia County, New York and moved to Leeds County, Ontario near present day Athens.

When British troops tried to take him and his brother Case Brown to fight for British against the United States in 1812, Ezra Brown and friend Richard Jaqua became spies and guides for the Americans. After being caught, he escaped from the British and moved back to Columbia County, New York around 1813. They later moved to Ohio and then to California.

North San Juan Times, Nevada County, Calfornia
September 4, 1876
The Oldest Voter in the State. On Wednesday last Ezra Brown, of Birchville, Henry Everett's father-in-law, went to the polls and voted the straight Republican ticket. Mr.Brown is 94 years of age and is perhaps the oldest voter in the State. He voted for Abraham Lincoln in '60 and '64, for Grant in '68 and '72 and if he lives until the next Presidential election he will vote for the Republican nominee for President. The old gentleman is not a sorehead like some men we could name if we feel so disposed.

North San Juan Times
October 28. 1876
Brown at Birchville, Monday evening, Oct. 23rd., Mr. Ezra Brown aged 94 years, 7 months and 28 days.

The funeral services took place Wednesday afternoon at the residence of his son-in-law, Hon. Henry Everett, Rev. S. H. Rhoades officiating, and the remains laid by the side of his late wife in the San Juan Cemetery. Mr. Brown was born in Chatham, N.Y.

He came to California from Seneca County, Ohio in 1849 across the plains in company with 100 men in ox teams. He resided at Sutter County one year, then removed with his family to Birchville in the year of 1869. He was of very vigorous constitution, defying hardships and exposure. Enthusiastic in explaining the then "Far West" but for few years the infirmities of age and disease and lack of hearing bore heavily upon him. He was trying to live a Christian life, and longed to depart to that "better land." During months of acute suffering he was tenderly cared for by two daughters. He passed away quietly as a baby to sleep, and as he lay in the casket looked scarcely 70 years old.



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