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William Truesdell


William Truesdell was born about 1722. He was the son of William Truesdell and Martha Tyler. He was a shoemaker and blacksmith.

He married Deliverance Jeason on June 29 1746 in Redding, Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Richard Truesdell (1744, married Rachel Keeler),
Betty Truesdell (1748, married Edward Painter),
Gorshom Truesdell (1749),
Daniel Truesdell (1749, married Huldah Thorpe),
William Truesdell (1751, married Eunice Thomas),
Sarah Truesdell (1753),
Justin Truesdell (1755, married Ann Gardnier),
Gideon Truesdell (1757),
Hiel Truesdell (1762),
Molly Truesdel (1764),

In 1745, William participated in the first expedition against Louisbourg.

In 1747, William and Deliverance were received into the church in Redding.

In 1757 he enlisted in Capt. Daniel Bradley's Co., and was a member of the relief expedition to Ft. William Henry.

1767 the family moved to Kinderhook.




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