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Wickham Family


David Wickham was born about 1741.

He married Mosher.

Phebe Wickham (1765, married Justus Ferris),
Salome Wickham (1767, married William Pitts),
Stephen Wickham (1769, married Margaret North),
Nicholas Wickham (1771)
John Wickham (1774, married Lucy Brown (daughter of Benjamin Brown, Sr. and Polly Rice)
Cynthia Wickham (1776, married James Wibor)
Susannah Wickham (1778, married Benjamin Brown, Jr.),
Thankful Wickham (1780, married Lewis Pitts)
Betsy Wickham (1782, married Samuel Lewis Waterbury),
David Wickham (1785, married Louisa Hilliard)

John Wickham was born in Columbia County in 1774.



About the year 1800, the family [of John and Lucy (Brown) Wickham] removed to Canada. During the War of 1812 the father [John Wickham] was drafted into the British army; knowing the fact before he was summoned by the officers, he determined to evade the service. He was loyal to the land of his birth, and said he "would never take up arms against the United States."

Lucy was dangerously ill, and he hid in the woods near his home. The care of the mother and family was bravely borne by Sarah, who was then but thirteen years of age. Food was secretly placed where the father could find it without being seen, and thus no one could say exactly where he was hidden.Messages could also be left with the food. The mother grew worse and her condition was made known to Mr. Wickham, who immediately returned home.

Just as the mother was dying, an English officer with his squad of men rode up to search for the father. Keeping his soldiers back, the leader looked through a small opening in a window upon the scene and understood its meaning. He quietly withdrew with his men and left the family undisturbed.The mother [Lucy Brown Wickham] died, the father again hid, and from his hiding place witnessed the burial of his wife.

John was never summoned to service, and after the war was ended he returned with his family to New York and settled in Albion, where he afterward married Polly Braley.

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