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Lebeous Philip Wickware


Wickware also spelled Wickwire, Wickwise
was a river god in Greek mythology.
Lebbeus (Laboris, Lebeus, Lebius, Lebeous, Libeous, Libious) is from the Bible. It means a man of heart.


Lebbeus Philip Wickware was born on November 18, 1817, at Mallorytown, Leeds County, Ontario. He was the son of Philip Wickware.

He married Catherine Mallory (1815) on May 25, 1837.

Mercy Thomas Wickware (1838),
Alphoose (Alpheus) Wickware ( 1840),
William Wickware (1842),
Albert Wickware (1845)
Almon Wickware (1845)
Henry Sheldon Wickware (1849),
Mercy Wickware (married of Samuel Elliott),
Mary Matilda Wickware (1847, married Sheldon T. Kinyon),
Henry S. Wickware,
Charles Sidney Wickware (1852), 
Edward Thomas Wickware (1856), and
Lebbeus Wickware (1861).

They moved to Elington, Tuscola County, Michigan in 1870.

He died on March 4, 1877.

Catherine died on March, 22, 1888, at Ellington.

The Battle of the Windmill was in November, 1838. Loyalists defeated an invasion attempt by Hunter Patriots, led by  Nils von Schoultz, who were attempting to overthrow British rule. The battle was at a windmill two miles east of Prescott.


The first European settlements in Ontario were after the American Revolution when 5,000 loyalists left the new United States.




from History of Michigan, Volume 2 by Charles Moore

Henry Sheldon Wickware was born in Leeds county, Ontario, June 23, 1849, a son of Lebeus Philip and Matilda (Mallory) Wickware. his father a native of Leeds county and his mother of Germany. The Wickwares are of English ancestry.

In the spring of 1870 the family moved to Tuscola county, Michigan, settling in Ellington township, where the father followed farming and died seven years later at the age of sixtynine. The mother passed away in 1885. Both parents are laid to rest in Elkland cemetery in Cass City. They were highly respected in theit community, were church goers and active Methodists.

Of their nine children those now living are as follows: Mercy, the widow of Samuel Elliott, of Ellington township; Mary, wife of Sheldon T. Kinyon, of Cass City; Henry S.; Charles Wickware, of Ellington township; and Lebeus Wickware, of Cincinnati, Ohio.


from Genealogy of the Wickware Family

Libeous Philip [Wickware] (Philip, Philip, Lebbeus, Lebbeus), b. Nov. 18, 1817, at Mallorytown, Ont.; m. May 25, 1837, Catherine Mallory, b. Jan. 15, 1815. Residence, Mallorytown, Ont., and later Ellington, Mich. He d. Mar. 4, 1877. She d. Mar. 22, 1888, at Ellington. .

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