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from History of Leeds and Grenville, Ontario

Ebenezer [Wright], the Canadian Emigrant...married Mercy Leach, daughter of Amos Leach, March nth, 1751, who bore him ten children...

He lived in Mansfield until 1759-60, when he removed to New Fairfield, Connecticut, and shortly after to Newton, Sussex County, New Jersey. About 1765, he took up his residence at Shaftsbury, Vermont. He was a royalist and a churchman, and during the revolution was compelled to flee to Canada, leaving a valuable property behind him. When the war closed, three of his sons and the two youngest daughters joined him in his new home, settling in Cornwall. Some time after, several members of the family located in Augusta and Edwardsburg. He died at Johnstown, July 18th, 1809, aged eighty-two years and six months.

The children of Ebenezer and Mercy Wright were as follows:
Abraham [Wright], born in Mansfield, Connecticut, 1752. He died at Kingsbury, New York, 1814, aged sixty-one years and six months...

Captain Asahel [Wright], born August 18th, 1754, at Mansfield, married in 1788, Eve Haynes, daughter of Joseph Haynes. His family consisted of nine children.

Zerviah [Wright], born December 4th, 1756; married Chas. Spencer, of Shaftsbury, Vermont, March 3rd, 1775 ; died April 29th, 1793.

Ebenezer [Wright], born October 15th, 1758; married Rachel Marsh about 1780; died June 14th, 1840.

Amos [Wright], born June 22nd, 1761; married Sarah Wilcox; died at Augusta, July 18th, 1796, aged 35 years.

David [Wright], born November i6th, 1763; married Tamar Burritt about 1796; died in Cornwall, October 25th, 1819...

Mercy [Wright], born March 26th, 1766; married, November 12th, 1783, George McEwan, of Vermont. She died December 27th, 1847.

Sarah [Wright], born September 3rd, 1768 ; married Peleg Spencer in 1783. She had seven children, four of whom were born in Canada, where she died January 2nd, 1844, aged 75 years and 6 months.

Elizabeth [Wright], born April 24th, 1773; died October 8th, 1777.

Rebecca [Wright], born April 24th, 1776. By her first husband she had one daughter; married the second time, September 2nd, 1800, Henry Barnhart, of Cornwall. She died September 1st, 1847.

The fifth generation in Canada. In a letter written by Amos Wright, dated Oswegatchie, October 21st, 1791, he speaks of locating and building a house in the Ninth Township, where he says:

I have 500 acres of land in one block. My wife drew 800 acres on account of her father's merits. My brother Asahel is making improvements in the same place, with the design of moving his family in the spring. Sister Sarah and her husband Pheleg Spencer have each of them drawn 200 acres, nearly in the same place.


Captain Asahel Wright, born August 18th, 1754, was a leading member of the family in Augusta. He had a son, Abraham, who married Elizabeth Purdy in 1808, and had eight children. The eldest of these, Amos, represented the Toronto District in the Provincial Parliament for several years.

Captain Joseph [Wright], born May l0th, 1789, at Cornwall, married Elizabeth Bissell in 1809, and had five children : Nelson, Anna, Elizabeth, Maria, and Silas. In 1819, Mrs. Elizabeth Wright died, and he married, second, Mrs. Elizabeth McNish, September 2oth, 1820, who lived with him forty years. Captain Joseph died on the homestead of his father, November 9th, 1876, aged 87 years and 6 months.

John [Wright], born May 10th, 1790; married Mrs. Mary McLean; died in March, 1876, aged nearly 86 years.

Abel [Wright]; born May 8th, 1791; married Sarah Landon, and had the following children: Asahel, Myra, Nancy, Sarah, Abel, Samuel, Electa, Mary and Martha (twins), and Catherine. Abel died near Perth, aged 81 years.

Elizabeth [Wright], born December yth, 1792; married Samuel Brown; children: Asahel ; Stephen, who married Mary McLean.

Captain Asahel Wright, born May 27h, 1794; married Eleanor Carpenter for his first wife, and Elizabeth Hurd for his second wife. Children: Isaiah, Cyrus, Catherine, Amos, Sarah Ann, Louisa, Daniel, Asahel and Eleanor (twins).

Michael Wright, born January ist, 1796; had five children; Eliza, married James Thompson; Mary, married Artemus Bissell; James, married Lucinda Field first, and second Elizabeth F. Wright; Asahel, married Frances Louisa Cole; and Henry. Michael Wright died in Augusta, April nth, 1869.

Captain Amos Wright, born December 23rd, 1797, married Minerva Wing, January 12th, 1820. Children: William, married Sarah Earl ; Elizabeth Ann ; Sarah ; Harriet, married William Bottum; Catherine, married Charles McNish; Mary, married Solomon Manhard ; and George Albert. Captain Amos died in Augusta in 1875, aged 78 years.

Catherine Wright, born December 6th, 1800, married William Wood.

Mark Wright, born November 20th, 1802; married Mary McNish. His first wife died about 1838, when he married Amy Holden, August 7th, 1839. Mark Wright is the only living child of Captain Asahel of the fifth generation, from Lieutenant Abel Wright.

Isaiah Wright, who occupies the homestead of his grandfather, married, June 22nd, 1846, Eliza Keays, of Ottawa, who was born September 2ist, 1823. The residence was erected in 1812. Mr. Wright was for twenty years Township Clerk and Treasurer for Augusta, and is a Justice of the Peace. His family consists of Florence Amelia, Emily Helen, Isabella Louisa, and one son. Cyrus Wright, born August 1st, 1820; married Amanda Manhard. Children; Asahel, Simeon, Stewart, Sanford Hurd, and Daniel Carpenter.

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