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The Fiske, Warner, Kilham & Batchelder Families

Ancestors of Elizabeth Fiske Dwinnell

The ancestors of Elizabeth Fiske Dwinnell were early settlers in Puritan, Massachusetts. A Puritan was a member of a religious group in the 16th and 17th centuries who advocated "purity" of worship and a doctrine of personal and group piety. Puritans were persecuted in England and came to America so they would be free to practice their religion.

Joseph Batcheller, William Warner, and Austin Kilham brought their families to America from England and settled in Wenham and Ipswich.


Joseph and Elizabeth Batcheller 1635

Canterbury, Kent County, England
Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts
Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts

William Warner

Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts

Austin and Alice Kilham

Austin Kilham

Alice Gorball

Dedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts
Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts


William Fiske & Bridgett Muskett 1642

William Fiske

Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts
Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts


Bridget Muskett and Thomas Rix 1661

Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts


Daniel Warner and Elizabeth Dane 1639


Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts

Deacon William Fiske & Sarah Kilham 1662

Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts


John Warner and Hannah Batchelder 1665

Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts


John and Mary Warner 1691

Mrs. Mary Prince

Joseph Fiske & Susannah Warner 1694
Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts

Whipple Home
Ipswich 1671
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William Warner
Daniel Warner
John Warner
Susannah Warner Fiske
Elizabeth Fiske Dwinnell
Benjamin Dwinnell
Israel Dwinnell
Isaac Davis Dwinnell, Sr.
Isaac Davis Dwinnell, Jr.
Victoria Dwinnell Miller
Robert Wilson Miller, Sr.
Robert Wilson Miller, Jr.

Colonial Maryland
Colonial New England
Colonial Virginia & West Virginia
Quakers & Mennonites
New Jersey Baptists
German Lutherans
Watauga Settlement
Pennsylvania Pioneers
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Jewish Immigrants

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