An American Family History


Family of Virginia Smith Miller

Addison Baker Civil War 16th Iowa Infantry-died of disease
Jacob Baker Revolution private in Shenandoah, Virginia
John Baker War of 1812  
Martin Baker War of 1812  
Philip Baker War of 1812  
Samuel Baker War of 1812  
Mark Batcheller King Philip's War killed December 19, 1675 in the Great Swamp Fight
Daniel Bloss Revolution private in Northampton, Pennsylvania
Peter Bonham Revolution sergeant Third Virginia Regiment
John Jacob Branstetter Revolution private Northampton, Pennsylvania
Jacob Branstitre Civil War Company C of the 106 Illinois Infantry
Colonel Johann Jost Dreisbach Revolution captain of a company from Lehigh township in 1775, and colonel of the Third Battalion of the county in 1776
Josiah Fox Civil War died July, 1867
Private David Humphreys Revolution 1st Regiment Pennsylvania Line
Nathaniel Hunn French & Indian War Died at the Battle at Moore's Brook during King Philip's war.
Leonard Kenoyer Revolution Hoover's Company
Johann Jacob Küblinger Revolution Michael Reader's Company
Thomas Long Civil War Illinois Cavalry
Lewis Pence Revolution Michael Reader's Company
Robert Ricketts Revolution private in Pennsylvania
Bryan Smith World War I  
John Smith War of 1812 Private in the Tennessee Militia
Josiah Smith Civil War and Mexican War 5th Tennessee Cavalry
Joshua Yerkes, Jr. War of 1812 57 Regiment of the Virginia Militia

Family of Robert Wilson Miller

Benjamin Collins King Philip's War  
Joseph Collins King Philip's War served under Captain George Corwin
Barnbas Davis The Pequot War drafted for one year's service
Captain Isaac Davis Revolution died of wounds
Samuel Davis, Jr. Queen Ann's War in Captain William Tyng's company of snowshoe men
Jacob Davis Revolution  

Benjamin Dwinnell

Revolution Massachusetts Militia
Jonathan Dwinnell Revolution in Captain Elish Mack’s company
Thomas Dwinnell Revolution  
Captain Stephen Griswold Revolution Samuel Ashley's Regiment

Coronet Benjamin Kimball

King Philip's War 1683 Captain Appleton's company

Caleb Kimball

King Philip's War  
Henry Kimball King Philip's War  
John Richards King Philip's War Marched against the Narragansett Fort
Ensign Jonathan Stanhope King Philip's War 1676 participated in the Sudbury fight
Lawrence Waters, Sr. King Philip's War  
Colonial Maryland
Colonial New England
Colonial Virginia & West Virginia
Quakers & Mennonites
New Jersey Baptists
German Lutherans
Watauga Settlement
Pennsylvania Pioneers
Midwest Pioneers
Jewish Immigrants

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