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Adair's Regiment


Mounted Volunteers under the Command of Captain Richard Taylor
Adair's Regiment, Kentucky Volunteers, Major General Scott's command
Fort Washington 1793

Fort Washington was built in 1789 to protect early settlements in the Northwest Territory. The fort was lin modern-day downtown Cincinnati .

Name Remarks Alternate Spelling Personal    
Taylor, Richard - Captain commissioned August 10        
Moore, Samuel - Lieutenant commissioned September 30        
Walker, James - Ensign commissioned September 26        
Stephens, David - Ord. Sergt. enlisted September 26        
Anderson, Bartholomew - Sergeant enlisted September 26        
McCrady, Hugh - Sergeant enlisted October 6        
Sutton, John - Sergeant enlisted September 26        
McWilliams William -Corporal enlisted October 6        
Harrison, Micajah - Corporal enlisted October 10 McCajah b. 1776 in Virginia    
Kamper, William - Corporal enlisted October 10        
Richardson, Edward - Bugler enlisted September 26        
Thomas, Evan T. - Sadler enlisted October 10        
Beem, Jacob enlisted September 26        
Carter, Thomas enlisted September 26        
Coile, Jack enlisted October 6, sick at Fort Hamilton, present at muster at Fort Washington Nov 11, sick at Fort Hamilton, present at muster at Fort Washington Nov 11        
Day, Middleton enlisted October 6, sick at Fort Hamilton, present at muster at Fort Washington Nov 11        
Davison, George enlisted October 6        
Foard, Samuel enlisted October 6        
Gooden, James enlisted October 10        
Humphreys, Elijah enlisted September 26        
Hamilton, David enlisted September 26        
Hurts, William enlisted September 26        
Hamilton, Alexander enlisted September 30        
Hamilton, John (2) enlisted September 30        
Hutchinson, Silas enlisted October 6 Hutcheson, Silace      
Johnston, Mathew enlisted September 26
Jack, Robert deserted        
Johnston, James enlisted October 6        
Kelly, John enlisted September 26        
Lintch, Jeremiah enlisted September 26        
Lindsey, Henry enl Sept 30 transf to spies Oct 26        
Mitchel, William enlisted September 26        
Morrison, Archabald enlisted September 26        
McMillin, James enlisted September 29        
Moore, Jesse enlisted October 30        
Mitchel, James enlisted October 3        
McBriers, James enlisted October 6        
Oxley, Ely enlisted September 26        
Pendleton, Tobias enlisted October 6        
Rodgers, Lazerus enlisted September 26 Lazeras      
Ray, John enlisted October 10        
Simpson, Andrew enlisted September 26        
Simpson, John enlisted October 6        
Simpson, James enlisted October 10        
Tucker, Robert enlisted September 26        
Torr, William enlisted October 6 Tarr b. 1774 in Virginia, m. Hannah Campbell    
Torr, John enlisted October 10 Tarr b. 1772 in Virginia, m. Hannah McKinney    
Wallace, Robert enlisted September 26        
Weedon, William enlisted October 6        
Waldren, Lewis enlisted October 10        

This Company was mustered through November 11, 1793.






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