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Madeleine Audet dit Lapointe Pouliot


Audet is also spelled as Adatte, Adote, Adotte, Aude, Audette, Hodet, Odette, Ouelette, and Owdet


Lapointe has also been spelled as Lapoint, La Pointe, and La Point

The name Lapointe is a dit name. It could have been a nickname for a soldier (the point of a lance) or for a family who lived on a point of land.
A dit name is an alias given to a family name.

Madeleine Audet dit Lapointe Pouliot was born on September 18, 1677 and baptized eleven days later on l'Île-d'Orléans. Her parents were Nicolas Audet dit Lapointe and Madeleine Després. Madeleine was a fille du roi.

She married Jean Pouliot on February 11, 1697 at Saint-Jean on l'Île-d'Orléans. Their marriage contract was notarized by the royal notary, Louis Chambalon, on they day they married.

Jean was the son of Charles Pouliot and Françoise Meunier. He was born on December 20, 1674.

Marie Madeleine Pouliot (1698),
Jean Pouliot (1699),
Charles Pouliot (1704);
Gertrude Pouliot (1705/1706),
François Pouliot (1708);
Pierre Pouliot (1710),
Nicolas Pouliot (1712), and
Marie-Françoise Pouliot (1715).

Nicolas Audet was granted land on the southeast side of l'Île-d'Orléans At that time, it was in the parish of Sainte-Famille. In 1679, the parish of Ste-Famille was divided and their farm became part of the village of Saint-Jean.



The King's Daughters (filles du roi) were young women who immigrated to Canada between 1663 and 1673 and were sponsored by Louis XIV. The French goverment planned to increase Canada's population by promoting marriages and the birth of children.




from Our French-Canadian Ancestors by Thomas J. Laforest

5) Madeleine was born on September 18, 1677 and baptized eleven days later at Sainte-Famille. She married Jean Pouliot on February 11, 1697, at Saint-Jean. The contract had been notarized that same day by Chambalon. Jean was the son of Charles and Françoise Meunier. Madeleine and Jean had nine children, five boys and four girls, all baptized at Saint-Laurent, Île d'Orléans.

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