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The William Long, Sr. Family


Barree/West/Logan Township, Huntington County, Pennsylvania

Warrior Ridge
Warrior Ridge

New Jersey's first permanent European settlement was in 1660.

Barree Township, Pennsylvania was formed in 1767 and was originally part of of Cumberland County, then it became part of Bedford County until 1787 when it became part of Huntingdon County.

Bedford County, Pennsylvania was created on March 9, 1771 from part of Cumberland County.

The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America and was ratified in 1789.

William Long, Sr. was born in the first half of the 18th century.

His children were born in the mid 18th century. They may have included:
William Long, Jr.,
Joseph Long,
Thomas Long,
John Long,
Robert Long and
Mary Long Ricketts.

The family may have moved from New Jersey to Barree Township, Pennsylvania.

From Historic Huntingdon

At the January sessions 1772, of the Bedford court, on the petition of Samuel Anderson and others, inhabitants of the township of "Baree" setting forth the necessity of a road leading from the Standing Stone or Hart's Log by Boquet's spring (at McConnelstown) and up Woodcock Valley to the crossing of Yellow Creek, and from thence to join the great road near Bloody Run, now Everett, James Little, William Shirley, Robert Friggs, Hugh Guttery, Richard Long, and Samuel Anderson were appointed viewers.

William first made improvements on his land in 1774.

In 1775, a tax assesment was made in Barree Township, which was then in Bedford County. William Long appeared on the list.

In 1781, a tax assesment was made in Barree Township which was then in Bedford County. William Long appeared on that list as did Joseph and William, Jr.

from Historic Huntingdon The officers of the townships of Bedford County that covered the present territory of Huntingdon and Blair, appointed by the court of Quarter Sessions, were as follows: 1783. — April Sessions: William Long (Barre)

On November 2, 1784, the Long family had their land surveyed and applied for warrants in Bedford County.

Margaret Long applied for a warrant for 200 acres on the waters of Standing Stone creek on a large spring running on the west side of the Laurel Run adjoining John Edwards' survey.

Rebekah Long applied for a warrant for 200 acres on a large run on the south side of Standing Stone Creek about 2 miles above William Murray's claim near land surveyed for McMiflin at the foot of the big bridge.

William, Sr. received a warrant for 100 acres on Shaver's Creek joining land of David McMurtrie and William Patterson. It was further described as adjoining Alexander McCormick and James Williams. He also applied for a warrant for 55 acres on Standing Stone Creek adjoining John Anderson and Warrior Ridge.

Mary Long married Reason Ricketts about 1786.

In 1788, William Long was in Barree Township, Huntingdon County. He had 100 acres and 1 head of cattle.

In 1789 William was in Barree Township and had 100 acres, a horse and 1 head of cattle.

In 1798 Margaret Long owned 100 ares in Barree on Laurel Run.

Shays's Rebellion was an armed uprising in Massachusetts in 1786 and 1787. Daniel Shays led four thousand rebels (Shaysites) in rising up against perceived economic injustices.

Daniel Shays and Job Shattuck
from Bickerstaff's Boston Almanack

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania was established on September 20, 1787 as a large region of Central Pennsylvania. It was previously part of Bedford County and the earlier Cumberland Region.
Fairfield County is in central Ohio. The county seat is Lancaster.

Pennsylvania is one of the 13 original states and was originally founded in 1681 as a result of a royal land grant to William Penn, the son of the state's namesake.



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