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  Also spelled: Boyed  
  Boyd's Delay was surveyed in 1725. It was on Rock Creek three miles east of Rockville. It contained 233 acres  
Maryland was established with religious freedom for Catholics. The colonial economy was based on tobacco cultivated by Africans who had been enslaved.

John Boyd was born about 1709. His father was John Boyd.

He married Susannah Baldwin.

Abraham Boyd (1734),
Mary Boyd (1736, married Aaron Prather),
John Boyd (1740),
Margaret Boyd (1744),
William Boyd (1740, married Sarah Wilson),
Benjamin Boyd (1745),
Marulla Boyd,
Elinor Boyd,
Ann Boyd,
Sarah Boyd. 

At the time of the 1790 census Susannah, William, Benjamin were in Montgomery County, Maryland.



Boyd, Mary,
Prince George's County,
16th Sept., 1721, 4th Dec., 1722,
To sons Charles, John and Abraham and dau. Martha, wife of Thomas Wills (Wells), 5s. each.
To John (son of dau. Mary Batterman) and hrs., dwelling plantation ---- after other children have had pt. left them by their father John Boyd, dec'd.
Son Isaac to live on pt. of sd. plan. during life.
To son John, ex., and dau, Mary Bateman, residue of estate equally.
Test: Richard Duckett, Mary Boyd, John Perkins. 18,20.

From Land Records of Prince George's County MD Record Book BB 1
Page 482.

Act of Assembly, recorded at the request of John Boyd.

An act to direct and empower the Priince George's Clerk to enter and record, among the records of PG, a deed from John Nevill (Nevell), William Collier, and Thomas Bond, to John Boyd, of a tract of land therein mentioned.

Whereas John Boyd of PG, by his petition to this General Assembly, has set forth that he is possessed of a parcel of land containing 160 acres, being part of a larger tract of land called Turkey Thickett, lying in PG, which was conveyed to him by John Nevil, William Collier, and Thomas Bond, by deed dated Feb 9, 1732, and on the same day ack. by the sd parties and their wives before Messrs Tumor Wootton and William Murdock, the Justices of PC, that he has paid the consideration money for sd deed mentioned, and that being ignorant in the premises, he has limited recording the sd deed, by which means his estate in sd land is rendered precarious, and the more so as the parties to sd deed are in parts unknown to him, and has prayed that an act may pass empowering the Clerk of PG to record the afd deed, and that such recording may have the same effect as if done within 6 months from the date of the deed afd.

Be it enacted &c that the Clerk of PG is hereby authorized and required to receive the deed afd from the afd John Nevil, William Collier, and Thomas Bond to John Boyd, and the same to enter amongst the records of sd County.

In pursuance of the afore recited Act of Assembly, the following deed was recorded Nov 27, 1745, Feb 9, 1732 from John Nevell, William Collier, and Thomas Bond of PG, planters, to John Boyd of PG, planter, part of a tract of land called Turkey Thickett, lying near the forks of the Eastern Branch of Pottomack River in PG, bounded by the 1st line of the division for James Keigh, containing and deducted out of the afd tract of land called Turkey Thickett
for 160 acres. Signed - John Nevill, Willm his mark) Collier, Thomas Bond.
Wit - Isaac Hyde, Rich Tucker.

On Peb 9, 1732/33, this deed was ack. by sd John Nevill, William Collier, and Thomas Bond. At the same time, Margett, the wife of sd John Nevill, Mary, the wife of sd William Collier, and Elizabeth, the wife of sd Thomas Bond, released their right of dower to the within land.

Taken and ack. before us - Turnor Wootton, Wm Murdock.
Recd of John Boyd, being the consideration within, I say, recd by each of us, one third part, this Feb 9, 1732/33 - John Nevill, Willm (3 his mark) Collier, Thomas Bond. 
Wit - Pat. Doyle, Benjn. Boyd.
Recorded Nov 27, 1745.


Isaack Hyde
13.142 A PG £101.1.9 £120.8.5
Jun 21 1735
Received from: Mark Brown, Abraham Boyd, Jr., Benjamin Boyed, John Bateman, John
Boyd, Jr., Richard Duckett, Jr., Mareen Duvall, Abell Edgate, Thomas Holland, Charles Hodge, Richard Janes (cooper), Robert Pottenger, John Plummer, John Pottinger, George Wilson, John Belt, Col. Jos. Belt, Basill Beckwith, William Brashier, Richard Cell, Richard Francis, Rignel Odell, Thomas Prather, Jonathon Simmons, Robert Tyler, Sr., Robert Wells, Samuell Walters, Sr., Thomas Allen, Jos. Brown, Samuell Pottenger, John Sweringen, Elisabeth Plummer, William Nimmo, Henry Hall, John Rogers, Jos. Brown, Sr., Robert Cules, William Jackson.
Payments to: Maj. Edward Sprigg, Dr. Richard Hill, Robert Wells, Edward Sprigg
(executor of Dr. Richard Pile).
Mentions: widow (unnamed, dead).
Administrator: John Boyed (innholder).

From Land Records of Prince George's County MD, Page 205. Deed, recorded at the request of Majr Thos. Harwood and Benja Boyd.

I, John Boyd of PC, planter, for the natural love I have for my son, Benjamin Boyd of PG, planter, and for the great love and respect I have for my friend, Majr Thomas Harwood, and for other good and weighty considerations (some of which considerations I hereafter mention) have given to my sd Son and to my sd friend, a tract of land at Conycochego (Cr), called Castle Plaine, containing 500 acres, as appears by a patent; and a tract of land lying near the Eastern Branch of Potomack, being part of a tract called Turkey Thickett, containing 160 acres as appears by a conveyance;

also all my right in a lease of a lot in Queen Ann Town where the widow Pindell now lives; also all the debts that are due upon my books or other ways;
1 Negro woman called Cate; and
1 Negro woman called Dido. and
all the crop of tobacco that is now upon my dwelling plantation, and
all the horses, cattle, hogs, moveable household goods and working tools that belong to me and is at this time upon my now dwelling plantation.
Sd Benja Boyd and Majr Thos, Harwood oblige themselves to pay all my just debts and take care to provide for me during my natural life, and to take care of my children which I have by this wife, and to bring them up as they would their own, and also to provide for my wife, and in case she outlives me, to take care of her as long as she lives a widow.
Signed Apr 24, 1741 - Jno Boyd.
Wit - Alexr Falconar, John Bateman, John Hepburn.
Recorded May 2, 1747.


from 1765-1768 Frederick County MD Land Records

Thomas Boyd, by order of Frederick County Court land Commission and Depositions to
Messrs Van Swearingen Junr., Jonathan Hager, Basil Williams and Henry Snabely; whereas Thomas Boyd is seized of a parcel called Prevention, did on 18th March petition the court for commission;.
Witness Peter Bainbridge Chief Justice
22 March, 1766 issued.

On 12 August 1766, we did meet onthe premises, and take the following deposition of William Boyd, being sworn said that about 17 or 18 years ago John Boyd showed him this deponent a bounded white oak standing, near to a place called Salisbury Plains.
Signed William Boyd. Deposition of Joseph Chapline, saith that a bounded white oak
standing in a field near to Salisbury Plains he believes to be the bound tree of a tract of land laid out by this deponent for John Boyd in the year 1738 or 1739.
Signed Joseph Chapline.


from Prince George's County, Maryland Land Records 1772-1774; Liber BB

At the request of Thomas Belt s/o Tobias the following Deed was recorded October 24, 1772
Indenture made October 15, 1772;
William Goe, planter in consideration of 420 pounds 10 shillings and 6 pence sterling money paid by Thomas Belt s/o Tobias has sold part of a tract called Ample Grange containing 33 ½ acres and bounded by the 2nd line of the 150 acres laid out of the original tract for the heirs of Charles Boyd on a division made March 20, 1762 by John Frederick Augustus Priggs agreeable to the testament and last will of John Boyd, deceased, and the southeast corner of the 100 acres laid out upon the division for William Goe, Sr.; also part of a tract called Ample Grange containing 100 acres
Signed William Goe
in the presence of and acknowledged before Joseph Sprigg, Richard Duckett, Jr.
and at the same time Dorcas Goe w/o William Goe relinquished her right of dower


Boyd, John,
Frederick Co.
17 Apr, 1760; 18 May, 1772
Ex. wife Susannah.
Children; Benjamin, John, Abraham, William, Mary, Margaret, Marulla, Elinor, Ann, Sarah. 
Son-in-law Aaron Prather, Jr.
Wit: William Dent, Nicholas Baker. 38. 639



Frederick Co Maryland Wills-Russell
John Boyd of Frederick Co., planter.
Will dtd. 17 April 1760. 
Land equally to 4 sons, Benjamin, John, Abraham, and William. 
House and furniture to G dau. Mary, Margaret, Marulla, Elinor, Ann, and Sarah. 
Son John to have dwelling plantation and land;
the part where Aaron Prather lives to Benjamin. 
To wife Susannah: whole (blank). 
To son-in law Aaron Prather: one acre where I live to include a spring. 
Wife exec.
/s/ John Boyd. 
Wit: Willi. Dent, Nichs. Baker.
Proved 18 May 1772 by Dent. (pp 423-4)


October 25, 1775, Anne Arundel Maryland
Distribution of the estate of John Boyd by Mrs. Susanna [Baldwin] Boyd, executrix,
and William Dent and Samuel Swearingen as sureties.
The balance of 22.15.11 was divided among his daughters Mary, Margaret, Marsula, Eleanor, Ann and Sarah.


from Montgomery County Land Records, 1777-1781; Liber A1, Page 583.

Jun 13, 1780 from John Boyd of Montgomery County
to Abraham Boyd of M, for 5 £ sterling, all that tract of land in M,
being part of a tract of land called Dantzick,
bounded by sd John Boyds part of Dantzick,
containing 68,1/2 acres.
Signed - John Boyd.
Wit - AEns Campbell, Joseph Wilson.
Anne Boyd, wife to the afd John Boyd, relinquished her right of dower to the within mentioned land.
Recorded Dec 11, 1780.


1783 Montgomery County Assessment

John Boyd.
Boyds Delay,
233 acres.
MO Lower Newfoundland,
Rock Creek, and North West Hundred,


1783 Montgomery County Assessment

John Boyd.
72 acres.
MO Lower Newfoundland,
Rock Creek, and North West Hundred

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