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Samuel Magruder was born in 1654 and was the son of Alexander Magruder and Margaret Brainthwaite.

He married Sarah Beall.

Samuel and Sarah's children icluded:

Samuel Magruder (married Eleanor Wade)
Ninian Magruder (1686,, married Elizabeth Brewer),
John Magruder (married Susan Smith),
James Magruder (Barbara Coombs),
William Magruder
Alexander Magruder (married Susanna Lamar),
Nathaniel Magruder,
Elizabeth Magruder (married Ninian Beall (1673)),
Sarah Magruder,
Verlinda Magruder (married Beall)
Mary Magruder (married George Claggett), and
and Eleanor Magruder (married Nehemiah Wade).

Samuel Magruder was vestryman in St. Paul's Church in 1692 and a member of the Assembly from 1704 to 1707.

In 1702, Samuel witnessed Thomas Rickett's will.

Sarah died in 1734.

Maryland was established with religious freedom for Catholics. The colonial economy was based on tobacco cultivated by Africans who had been enslaved.

Ninian Magruder was born about 1686. His parents were Samuel Magruder and Sarah Mills.

He married Elizabeth Brewer.

Samuel Magruder (1708, married Margaret Jackson).
John Magruder (1709, married Jane Offutt),
Ninian Magruder, Jr. (1711, married Mary Offutt),
Sarah Magruder (1713, married William Beale),
Elizabeth Magruder (1717, married Benjamin Perry),
Ann Magruder (1719, married Thomas Clagett, Sr.),
Nathaniel Magruder (1721),
James Magruder (1723, married Sarah Bowie),
Rebecca Magruder (1725, married James Offutt)
Rachel Magruder (1727, married Thomas Claggett, Jr.),
Verlinda Magruder (1730, married John Beale).

In 1710, Ninian, inherited a plantation from his father that had belonged to his uncle John and three hundred acres which were a part of Alexandria. (Alexandria, Virginia, was formerly known as Beall Haven).

In 1715 Ninian Magruder bought part of Friendship, now known as Magruder's Purchase, lying between the falls of the Potomac and Rock Creek, from Charles Beall and Thomas Fletcher for eighty-eight pounds sterling.

In 1720, Ninian sold the 42 acres Beall's Gift in Prince George's County.

Ninian owned Magruder's Purchase, and Grubby Thicket.

Ninian died in 1751. When he died, he left his land and people he had enslaved to his children.





from Yearbook of the American Clan Gregor Society 1944

Samuel Magruder, the second son of Alexander and Margaret (Brainthwaite) Magruder was born in 1654. He married Sarah, daughter of Ninian and Ruth (Moore) Beall, and their children were: Samuel, Ninian, John, James, William, Alexander, Nathaniel; Elizabeth, Sarah, Verlinda Mary and Eleanor. Samuel married Eleanor Wade; Ninian, (born 1686, died 1751), married Elizabeth Brewer (born 1690); John married Susan Smith ; James married Barbara Coombs; Alexander married Susanna Lamar; Elizabeth (born 1695) married, first, her uncle, Ninian Beall II, and married secondly, William Beall, the great nephew of her first husband (What complications !); Sarah; Verlinda married John, brother of William Beall; Mary married George Claggett; Eleanor married Nehemiah Wade.

Samuel Magruder 1. was vestryman in St. Paul's Church in 1692 ; was civil and military officer from 1676 to 1705; and was a member of the Assembly from 1704 to 1707. His will was dated November 23, 1710, and in it he left to his son Ninian, who married Elizabeth Brewer, the plantation formerly belonging to his brother John , also three hundred acres, a part of Alexandria. (Alexandria, Virginia, was formerly known as Beall Haven). Sarah Beall Magruder, wife of Samuel Magruder, was born 1669 and died in 1734.


from Prince George's Land Records 1717-1726

3 Sep 1720; enrolled 6 Oct 1720
From: Ninian Magruder, merchant of Prince George's County
To: Basil Waring, Gentleman of Prince George's County
For £16 a Tract of land called Beall's Gift, formerly in Calvert County, now in Prince George's County on the west side of the Patuxent in the freshes;
containing 42 acres
/s/ Ninian Magruder (seal)
Wit Jos. Belt, Thos, Spring, Thos. Clagtett, Jr Haddock
Acknowledged by Elizabeth Magruder, wife of Ninian


Magruder, Ninian.
Prince George's Co,
6 May, 1751; 26 Jun, 1751
To son John Magruder, 300 A., being pt. of Magruder's Purchase and pt. of The Addition of Magruder Purchase,whereon he now lives.
To son Nathaniel Magruder, 101 A., being pt. of Magruder's Purchase, and 200 A. of Honesty, where he now lives
To son James Magruder, 300 A., being pt. of land called "Alexandra, whereon I now live, and 300 A. being pt. of tract called Honesty,, and 1/3 pt. of lot of ground In Upper Marlborough Town No. 47: also 2 slaves.
To 2 sons Samuel and Ninian Magruder, remaining pt. of tract called Honesty.
To 2 sons John and Nathaniel, land Grubby Thickett, 330 A.
To dau, Rachel Clagett, 13 pounds sterl.
To dau, Verlinda. Magruder, 2 slaves, and a side saddle that I have ordered from Mr, Groves, merchant In London.
To 2 sons John and Nathaniel, my wearing apparel.
To dau, Sarah Beall, 1 slave.
To dau. Elizabeth Perry, 1 slave.
To dau, Anne Clagett, 1 slave,
To dau. Rebecca Offutt, 1 slave.
My 11 children: Samuel, John, Ninian, Nathaniel, James Magruder, Sarah Beall, Elizabeth Perry, Anne Clagett., Rebecca Offutt, Rachel Clagett and Virlinda Magruder.
Son James Magruder, ex.
Wit: Nathaniel Magruder, Jeremiah Magruder, James Gibson.


Mr. Ninian Magruder 33.333 A PG £904.9.3 £895.12.2 Feb 23 1753
The amount of the accounts also included £20.4.0 in sterling.

Received from: James Wardrope, Samuel Magruder, Nathaniel Magruder, Ninian Magruder, Silvanus Grove (merchant in England).

Payments to:
John Cooke,
George Gordon (of Frederick County),
Samuel Magruder,
James Williams (servant),
William MacCoy,
Nathaniel Magruder,
John Darnall.

Payments to (their portions, in equal amounts):
Samuel Magruder,
James Magruder,
Ninian Magruder,
Nathaniel Magruder,
Sarah Beall (daughter) wife of William Beall,
Elisabeth Perry (daughter) wife of Benjamin Perry,
Ann Clagett (daughter) wife of Thomas Clagett, Sr.,
Rebecca Offutt (daughter) wife of James Offutt,
Rachel Clagett (daughter) wife of Thomas Clagett, Jr.,
Virlinda Magruder (daughter) wife of Walter Williams.

accountant (received Negro Will & Negro Charles),
Virlinda Magruder (daughter, received Negro Jane & Negro Stephen),
Rachel Clagett (daughter, received Negro Clare) wife of Thomas Clagett, Jr.,
Rebecca (daughter, received Negro Grace) wife of James Offutt,
Elisabeth (daughter, received Negro Landon) wife of Benjamin Perry (also Benjamin Perry),
Sarah (daughter, received Negro Hannah) wife of William Beall,
John Magruder (son)
& Nathaniel Magruder (son),
Ann (daughter, received Negro Dick) wife of Thomas Clagett, Sr.
Executor: James Magruder.

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