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1872 Atlas of Tazewell County, Illinois
William Holmes
James Holmes was the father of William Holmes, and was born in the state of "Old Virginia," in 1772, and in 1801 he moved to the state of Kentucky and engaged in farming and raising stock, in Harrison county. In 1804 he married Miss Prudence Clambert, who bore to him six children, three sons and three daughters. He departed this life in 1828. He had lived an honorable and successful life, and died as he had lived, a moral and honest man, and a devoted patriot. 

Mrs. Holmes still survives and is now residing in the state of Illinois, and is enjoying the blessings of good health and has attained the ripe and honorable old age of eight-eight years. She was a kind and dutiful wife, a loving and affectionate mother, and has for many long years lived the life of a devoted Christian, and when it shall be her lot to terminate this earthly career she will have the consolation of knowing that she has lived a useful life, well spent in the service of her God, and will enjoy the bright hope of immortality beyond the grave. 

At the age of thirty years James Holmes volunteered his services to his country, and served under General Harrison through the whole of the War of 1812; at the close of which he received an honorable discharge and returned to his family without ever receiving a scratch or a wound.

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