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Enoch King (1802)
Candace Francis King (1809)

  Enoch King was born about 1802 in North Carolina

He married Celia Ann Owen. Celia was born about 1812 in Virginia.

John W. King (1835, married Isabella Ricketts),
Angelythe King (1839, married James Ricketts),
Robert Marshall King (1846)
Mary S. King (1846)
Sarah J. E. King (1849/50)

At the time of the 1850 census family was the Marshall County, Illinois. The household consisted of:
Enoch King 48 North Carolina
Sila King 38 Virginia
John King 14 Illinois
Angelife King 10 Illinois
Robert King 5 Illinois
Mary S King 4 Illinois
Sarah J E King 0 Illinois
Mary Thenens 5 Illinois
Charlotte Thenens 2 Illinois 

Enoch King died in 1851 in Marshall County and Celia died in 1856

At the time of the 1860 census on Marshall County, Robert was living in Bell Plain Township with James and Elizabeth Owen.





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New Jersey Baptists
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Watauga Settlement
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