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Pennsylvania Pioneers

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Church place date
Warrior Run Presbyterian Northumberland County 1789
Limerick Church Montgomery County 1738
Military Unit Place Date
John Little's Militia Huntingdon County, 1788
  Place Date
During the Revolution Barree Township  
Early settlers Shaver's Creek Valley  
  Solebury Townshp, Bucks County History  
Early settlement Strasburg, Lancaster County  
Original patentees Strasburg, Lancaster County 1711
  Turbut Township History  
Tax list Turbut Township, Northumberland County 1781


Pennsylvania is one of the 13 original states and was originally founded in 1681 as a result of a royal land grant to William Penn, the son of the state's namesake.

Name Lived in Remarks Associates
Ashbaugh Barree Township    
Bachtell New Hanover, Montgomery County Mennonite  
Braun New Hanover, Montgomery County    
Buckwalter     Bachtell
Cotton Barree Township    
Coulston New Hanover, Montgomery County Quaker  
Cresswell Barree Township    


Broad 1724
Broad 1754
John 1669
Stephen 1797
Thomas 1690
Thomas 1757
William 1632

Huntingdon County from Baltimore County, Maryland  
Crum Barree Township    
Dearmont Barree Township    
Deshler Philadelphia Quaker  
Dickey Barree Township    
Ewing Barree Township    
Ferree Strasburg, Lancaster (was Chester) County Huguenot  
Frogg Barree Township    
Giles Barree Township    
Graffius Barree Township    


Elisha 1757
George 1720
Isaac 1742
Thomas 1740

Barree Township from Baltimore County, Maryland  
Jackson Barree Township    
Keeports Lampeter, Lancaster County    
Kelsey Barree Township    
Kester Barree Township    
Kolb   Mennonite Bachtell
Kraus New Hanover, Montgomery County Lutheran Bachtell
Lefevre Strasburg, Lancaster (was Chester) County Huguenot  
Maffit Barree Township    
Meyer Franconia Township, Montgomery County Mennonite Bachtell
McMurtrie Barree Township    
Miller Barree Township    
Nelson Barree Township    
Sells Barree Township    
Shaver Barree Township    
Stevens Barree Township    
Swope Barree Township    
Taylor Northumberland County    
Wilson Barree Township    





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