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James Howe, Sr. was born about 1598 in England.

James Howe, Jr. (1632)

Elizabeth How deposed that she heard Joseph Muzzy say that John Bradstreet had three or four bastards at Rhode Island, and that he was going there and hoped to see them. Sworn to 26-10-1650, before Samuel Symonds.

In 1684, James Howe and his wife were members in full communion of the church in Topsfield.

James died in 1702 in Ipswich.


James Howe, Jr. was born about 1635 in Roxbury.

He married Elizabeth Jackson in April, 1658.

James Howe (died young),
Elizabeth Howe (1661, married Caleb Jackson),
Mary Howe (1664)
John Howe (1671 married Hannah Browne)
Abigail Howe (1673)
Deborah Howe (1685, married Isaac Howe).

In 1710 John and Abram Howe witnessed Michael Dwinnell's will.





from A Short History of the Salem Village Witchcraft Trials by Martin Van Buren Perley

James Howe, Jr., was born in Roxbury, in 1635 or 1636, since he was "about 30" in 1666 and "about 34," Sept. 28, 1669.

He married, April 13, 1658, Elizabeth Jackson, a neighbor, daughter of William and Joanna, of Rowley, and sister to Mary, who married Wm. Foster, of Boxford, and to Deborah, who married Lieut. John Trumble, of Newbury, official men in their respective towns.

He had a share in Plum Island, 1664; was a voter, 1679; at about fifty years of age was blind, so he had to be led.

His will is dated Nov. 19, 1701. He confirms to his daughter Elizabeth Jackson's children, what he had given her; mentions his daughter Deborah and grandson James "when 21" and granddaughters Martha How and Sarah How "when 18 or married." He gave his other two daughters, Mary and Abigail, "for their pains and care that they have taken of me for several years and their labor for my maintenance," my house, barn, orchard, lands, and movables, and appointed them executrices. He signed his will James How..."

James, who died in July, 1664.
Elizabeth, born June 1, 1661, married Caleb Jackson, son of Nicholas, a neighbor.
Mary, born Feb. 25,1664
Deborah, who married Isaac Howe, of Roxbury, son and grandson of Abrahams.
John, born April 17, 1671, married Hannah Browne, and had

Martha, 1691;
Sarah, 1692-3; who married Thomas Wood;
James, 1695, ancestor of the Methuen family of Howes.

His widow married Ephraim Roberts, of Methuen, and had Patience, 1703, and Mary, 1705.
Abigail, born Dec. 3, 1673

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