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Anthony and Mary Ricketts


Ricketts is also spelled Rickeots, Rickeotts, Rickett, Rickets, Ricket, Rickel, Rickle, Rickels, and Rickles.


Hagerstown (was Elizabethtown), Washington (was Frederick then Montgomery then Washington) County, Maryland

Anne Arundel County, Maryland was established in 1650.

Frederick County, Maryland was created in 1748 from parts of Prince George's and Baltimore Counties. In 1776 it was divided into Washington, Montgomery and, Frederick Counties. In 1837 parts of Frederick and Baltimore Counties formed Carroll County.

Maryland was established with religious freedom for Catholics. The colonial economy was based on tobacco cultivated by Africans who had been enslaved.
Bound children were indentured servants whose master provided training in a craft, board, lodging, and clothes for seven years or until the child came of age.

Anthony and Mary Ricketts married about 1750 in Maryland.

Anthony Ricketts was born on October 29, 1725 Anne Arundel County, Maryland. He was the son of John Ricketts and Elizabeth Bettenfield.

He married Mary Ricketts. Mary was born October 4, 1726 in Cecil County, Maryland.

Thomas Ricketts, Sr. was born on November 23, 1753.

John Ricketts was born on September 16, 1754.

Benjamin Ricketts was born about 1755.

On August 26, 1757 Anthony bought Ann's Garden from James Redfern for 22£. Ann's Garden was 50 acres in the part of Frederick County, Maryland that later became Montgomery County.

Anthony A. Ricketts, Jr. was born on February 07, 1760. (Karl Larew gives his birth date as 1748/49.) His birth was recorded at Prince George's Parish.

Elisha Ricketts was born about 1763.

Robert Ricketts was born on January 15, 1765.

Karl Larew included Hezekiah and William Ricketts as their sons who may also have been the sons of Zachariah Ricketts.

In June, 1765 Anthony Ricketts was on the Grand Jury in Frederick County.

Elijah Ricketts was born about 1767 and died as an infant.

On March 28, 1767, they sold Ann's Garden to John Cooke for 5£. In Cooke's 1783 tax assessmnt it was described as being in the Upper Newfoundland and Seneca Hundred.

Reuben Ricketts was born about 1768.

Hugh Ricketts was born about 1770.

Reason Ricketts was born about 1770. Hugh and Reason were twins.

Gerard Ricketts was born about 1771.

Zadoc Ricketts was born about 1772.

Their son, Thomas married Ruth Adamson about 1778 in Montgomery County, Maryland.

In 1778 Anthony Rickett took the Fidelity Oath in Montgomery County

On February 14, 1781, the Orphan's Court in Montgomery County, Maryland bound ten year old orphan, Thomas Perville to Anthony Ricketts until he became 21 Anthony agreeed to teach Thomas to read, write and, "cast up common accounts." He was also to receive "a decent suit of clothes" and 25£ 7s 6p.

In 1783 Anthony Ricketts appeared in Assessment of Montgomery County, Maryland in the Upper Newfoundland and Seneca Hundred and in the Sugarland and Upper Potomac Hundred.

On December 13, 1786, the Orphans Court in Montgomery County heard the case of Ninian Magruder vs. Benjamin Ricketts and Anthony Ricketts. Sarah Ricketts and Anthony Ricketts were paid a fee for three days attendance.

Their son Thomas, married his second wife, Martha Wilson about 1789 in Montgomery County.

At the time of the 1790 census, Anthony Ricketts was in Montgomery County, Maryland. The household consisted of 4 men over 16 and one woman.

On February 12, 1793 Anthony verbally expressed his wishes as to his estate. The will was written down by Benjamin Ricketts and mentioned his youngest sons Zadok and Gerard and his wife Mary. The witnesses were Soloman Holland and John Linthicum.

Anthony died on April 8, 1794 in Montgomery, Maryland. His will was probated on April 9, 1794.

His widow, Mary Ricketts was not able to come to court because she was sick, according to the certificate her brother, Benjamin Ricketts, and Samuel Solden (Golden) brought to court.

Zadoc married Anne Groome on July 20, 1797 in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Mary died on June 1, 1798.


The entire valley of the Juniata was included in the county of Cumberland. From this county Bedford was formed in 1771. Huntingdon was formed from Bedford by an act of Assembly, passed on the 20th day of September, 1787. On February 26, 1846 a small corner was annexed to Mifflin County, Pennsylvania.

In 1762 the town of Elizabethtown was founded in Frederick County, Maryland.. In 1786 it became the county seat of newly created Washington County. In 1813 the name was changed to Hagerstown.

In 1762 the town of Elizabethtown was founded in Frederick County, Maryland.. In 1786 it became the county seat of newly created Washington County. In 1813 the name was changed to Hagerstown.
Bedford County, Pennsylvania was created on March 9, 1771 from part of Cumberland County.
The Patuxent River in Maryland drains into the Chesapeake Bay. It marks the boundary between Montgomery, Prince George's, Charles and St. Mary's counties on the west and Howard, Anne Arundel, and Calvert counties on the east.

The Potomac River flows into the Chesapeake Bay and is about 405 miles long.




Assessment of 1783 Montgomery County, Maryland

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from Abstracts of Wills of Montgomery County, Maryland

Nunc. will of Anthony Ricketts, Sr.,
written by Benj. Ricketts, 4 F 1793, 8 Apr. 1794.
Wf. Mary, youngest sons Zadok & Gerard.
Wit. Sol. Holland & John Linthicum.

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