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The Regulators


The Regulators were a large group of North Carolina colonists who opposed the taxation and fee system imposed by colonial officials in the late 1760s. This ended in the Battle of Alamance between the colonial militia and the Regulators in May, 1771. Following this battle, a few Regulators were hanged, but the majority were pardoned.

The Sandy Creek Baptist Church members in Liberty, Randolph County, North Carolina participated in the movement. After the battle, Governor William Tryon and his troops burned crops, confiscated food, and burned homes in the Sandy Creek settlement.

Sandy Creek Baptist Church dropped from 606 members to 14 within a year of the battle. The majority of the Sandy Creek refugees moved to Washington County, Tennessee, where they established Buffalo Ridge Baptist Church.

Acuages John      
Adams, James      

Adams, Thomas


Adams, William


Aiken Jones


Albright, William


Aldridge, James


Aldridge, Nathan


Aldridge, Nicholas


Alexander, William


Alexander, Thomas


Allen, Joseph


Allen, Samuel


Almond, Edward


Allmond, James


Almond, Seamore


Allrid, William


Andriss, Adam


Andriss, Conrad


Armstrong, Isaac


Armstrong, James


Arnett, James F.


Arrington, Thomas


Ashley, Nathaniel


Ashley, Robert


Ashmore, Walter


Awtray, alex


Baile, John


Bailey, John


Baily, Thomas


Balice, Thomas


Bannistor, William


Barber, Richard


Barber, William


Barindine, James


Barindine, William Sr.

Barindine,William, Jr.      

Barker, James


Barker, Nicholas


Barker, Samuel


Barnes, Brincelay


Barnes, James


Barnes, John


Barritt, Benjamin


Barrets, Thomas


Barton, John


Barton, William


Baxter, John


Beaty, Thomas


Beck, Jeffrey


Beel, Thomas


Belhany, Thomas


Bell, John


Bellew, Abraham


Belvin, George


Belvin, Isaac


Bennett, John


Benton, William


Bery, John


Beten, William


Bignour, James


Billingsley, James


Binnum, James


Blewett, William


Bly, James


Boatman, Waterman


Boe, John


Boggan, Patrick Jr.


Boggs, Joseph


Boilston, Will


Bond, John


Bond, W.C.B.


Boothe, Charles


Boring, Joseph


Bosil, William


Bound, James


Bradley, Abram


Bradley, Lawrence


Brady, Ayen


Branson, Ely


Branson, Thomas


Brantley, James


Braswell, Benjamin


Braswell, Richard


Bray, Edward


Bray, Henry


Brewer, Nickless


Bricks, John


Brisley, Peter


Broadway, Robert


Brooks, Isaac


Brooks, Jacob W.


Brooks, James


Brooks, Jacob W.


Brooks, James


Brooks, John


Brown, Daniel


Brown, David


Brown, James


Brown, Robert


Brown, William


Brox, John


Brur, Noel


Brus, John


Bruton, Samuel


Bryan, John


Buchanan, Samuel


Bullen, John


Bumpass, John


Bunt, Benjamin


Burcham, Henry


Brucham, James


Burcham, John


Burcham, Joseph


Burgies, James


Burns, Darass


Burns, William


Burt, William


Burtson . John


Bush, Stephen


Buskin, Abraham


Butler, John


Butler, William


Busen, William


Calley, Patrick


Cane, William


Capin, John


Caps, William


Carpenter, Jobs


Carr, Joseph


Cartwright, John


Caterham, John


Caruthers, Robert


Ceinght, Peter


Chafen, Joseph


Chambers, Edward


Cheek, Randolph


Cheny, Francis


Christian, Christopher


Christian, Thomas


Christman, Jacob


Cilleadon, Job


Clanton, Benjamin


Clapp, Barney


Clap, George


Claps John


Clapp, Ludwig




Clark, Elijah


Clark. John


Clark, Joseph


Clark, Samuel


Clauton, Charles


Cochran, Benjamin W.


Cockerham, John


Code, Timothy


Colbon, James


Coleman, John


Coleman, William


Collins, Jacob


Collons, Josua


Conkwrite, Harklis


Copeland, James


Copeland, William Jr.


Copeland, William Sr.


Coplin, Nicklos


Coplin, Thomas


Corry, John


Gortner, George


Cortner, Peter


Covington, Benjamin


Cowen, John

Cox, David      

Cox, Herman


Cox, Joseph


Cox, Solomon


Cos, Thomas


Cox, William


Craswell, John


Craswell, William


Craven, John


Craven, Joseph


Cravan, Peter


Cravan, Thomas


Creaton, Patrick


Creson, Abraham


Crofts, Solomon


Croswell, Gilbard


Croswell, John


Croswell, William


Crow, John


Crow, Mansfield


Culberson, Samuel


Culbison, Andrew


Davis, Enoch


Culpepper, Daniel


Culpepper, John


Culpepper, Thompson


Culpepper, William


Cure, Ezekel


Curey, John


Curtiss, Samuel


Dark, Samuel


Davis, Gabriel


Davis, James


Davis, John


Davis, Jonathan


Davis, Matthew


Davis, Robert


Davis, Thomas


Davis, William


Debury, Samuel


Delap, James


Delap, Robert


Denson, James


Denson, Shadrach


Deviney, Samuel


Digges, William


Dinkins, thomas


Dison, Charlie


Dixon, Simon


Dobbins, Jacob


Donner, Thomas


Dorset, Francis


Dowd, Dyer


Dowdy, Daniel


Dowas, Richard


Dinkins, William


Dray, Jacob


Drinkin, William


Duckworth, Jeremiah


Dumas, Benjamin


Dumas, David


Dunem, John


Dunn, Bartholomew


Dunn, John


Dunn, Simon Jr.


Dunn, William


Edwards, Meager


Edwards, Joshua


Ellis, James


Emmerson, James


English, Joseph


English, Matthew


English, William


Erwin, John


Estress, George


Estress, William


Evans, Aaron


Evans, James


Falconbery, Andrew


Falconbery, Henry


Falconbery, Isaac Sr.


Falconbery, Isaac Jr.


Falconbery, John


Fall, Christen


Fannin, John


Fanning, Thomas Sr.


Fanning, Thomas Jr.


Fany, William


Few, Benjamin


Few, James


Few, William Sr.


Fields, Jeremiah


Fields, William


Fielding, William


Fike, John


Filker, Jacob


Firnier, Marton


Flack, Thomas


Flake, Samuel


Flemmin, John


Forbis, John


Fortenbury, Henry


Fortenbury, John


Foshea, Joseph


Fox, Thomas


Franklin, Leonard


French, Neal


French, Joseph


Fruite, John


Fudge, Jacob


Fuller, John


Fuller, Josua


Fuller, Thomas


Futrelle, Thomas


Fyke, Malachy


Gapen, John


Gardner, Parish


Garran, James


Gaylord, Samuel


Gearner, Thomas


George, Joseph


Gibson, James


Gibson, Silverster


Gibson, Walter


Gibson, William


Gideon, Gilbert Sr.


Gideon, Gilbert Jr.


Gilbert, Jonathan


Gilbert Joshua


Gillespie, Daniel


Gillespie, John


Gillmore, William


Gilmer, John


Ginil, Peter


Glase, Christian


Glase, George


Glase, Philip Jr.


Glase, Philip Sr.


Glase, Powel


Glover, Thomas


Goble, George


Gible, John (Goble?)


Goble, Nicholas


Goff, Solomon


Goldstone, Charles


Gordon, Frank


Gowers, Thomas


Gowers, Jonathan


Graham, James


Graves, John


Greaves, Thomas


Green, William


Greers, William


Griffin, Andrew


Griffin, James


Grigg, Jacob


Gring, Fagan


Gross, Solomon


Grubbs, Benjamin


Grubbs, John


Gugle, John


Hadley, James A.


Hadley, Jesse


Hadley, Joshua


Hadley, Simeon


Haley, Isam


Haley, Silas


Haley, William Sr.


Haley, William Jr.


Hamilton, Archibald


Hamilton, Hanson

Hamilton, Matthew      

Hamilton, Ninian


Hamilton, Ninian Bell


Hamilton, Thomas


Hammer, Abraham


Harden, Stephen


Haridon, James


Harland, Aaron


Harland, Reuben


Harlow, Eron


Harmon, Zach


Harper, Abraham


Harper, Samuel


Harper, Thomas


Harris, Joseph


Harrison, Jesse


Harrison, Joseph


Hart, John


Hartzo, John


Hartso, Philip


Helms, Jonathan


Henderson, Argulus


Henderson, John


Helms, Tilmon


Henderson, William


Hendry, George


Hendrye, Thomas Jr.


Hendrye, Thomas Sr.


Henry, George


Henson, Charles


Henson, John


Henson, Joseph


Herndon, James


Henson, Joseph


Herndon, James


Henson, William


Herring, Delany


Herrman, Henry


Hickman, William


Hielerman, Nicholas


Higgins, James


Higgins, John


Higgins, William


Hill, Thomas


Hilton, Abraham


Hilton, John


Hindes, Joseph


Hines, Charles


Hinsinbru, Jason Iron


Hintrand, William


Hogins, Thadwick


Hogon, William Griffin


Holley, Julius


Honest, Michael


Hopper, Thomas


Hore, William


Horn, Jacob


Hornbeck, John


Howard, Nehemiah


Howe, John


Laws, Dan


Layn, Marveric


Leak, Richard


Leary, William


Leaton, William


Leveritt, John


Leveritt, William


Liles, James


Liles, John


Lille, Muicher


Lindley, Thomas


Linterman, Henry


Litten, Mincher


Llewellyn, Jonathan


Lloyd, Thomas


Lloyd, Iomond


Logan, Andrew


Long, John


Lord, Lewis


Lowe, James


Lowe, John


Lowe, Samuel


Lowery, James


Lowery, Lewis


Lowery, Robert


Lucas, William Jr.


Luin, John


McCaul, James


McCay, Daniel


McClewland, John


McCoy, Archibald


McCoy, John


McDaniel, Jacob


McIlvailly, John


Mackejh, James


McMeot, James


McNish, John


McPherson, Joseph


McPherson, Alexander


MacPherson, William


McQuinton, John


McSwaine, Patrick


Macvay, John


Maner, Richard


Marchbanks, George


Marfay, Roger


Marmane, Larence


Marsevaine, John


Marshall, Jacob


Marshall, John


Martin, Joseph


Martin, Zachariah


Mason, John


Mason, Ralph


Mason, Thomas Jr.


Mason, Thomas Sr.


Massett, William


Mateer, Robert


Mathew, Ned


Mathews, Anthony


Mathews, James


Mathews, John


Mathin, Anthony


Maudlin, Benjamin


Maudlin, John


Maudlin, Jonie


Meadow, Jason Jr.


Meadow, Jason Sr.


Melon, Thomas


Melton, Jeremiah


Mercer, Forester


Merns, Thomas


Merree, John II


Merrill, Benjamin


Messer, Captain


Miles, Charles


Miles, John Sr.


Miles, John Jr.


Miles, Thomas


Miller, Jero


Mills, John


Mims, John


Mims, Thomas


Mims, William


Mitchell, William


Moffitt, James


Mofitt, William


Montgomery, Captain


Moon, Thomas


Moore, Edward


Moore, Thomas


Moorman, Bennakia


Moorman, Thomas


Morgan, Goin C.


Morgan, John


Morgan, James


Morgan, Ruddy


Morgan, Solomon


Morris, Edward


Morris, John


Morris, Joseph


Morris, William, Sr.


Morris, William, Jr.


Morrow, William


Moses, Adam


Muchecenes, Larence


Mullen, Patrick


Murphy, John


Murphy, John


Murray, James


Nanit, George


Nation, Christopher


Needham, Thomas


Needham, William


Nelson, Dennis, Sr.


Nelson, Dennis, Jr.


Nelson, Thomas


Newberry, William


Noe, John


Norton, William


Odle, Nehemiah


Oliver, James


O'Neal, John


Owens, Stephen


Paine, William


Par, John


Park, Joseph


Parks, Samuel


Parsons, George


Paterson, John


Paygee, John


Payne, William


Pelyou, Abraham


Penton, John


Person, Thomas


Phelps, David


Phipps, John


Phipps, Joseph


Pickett, Edward


Piecock, Stephen


Pickral, Henry


Piles, John


Pilgrim, Amos


Pleourt, John


Polk, Thomas


Pooey, Francis


Pooey, Umfrey


Porter, James


Poston, Jonathan


Poston, J. Jr.


Powell, Nathaniel


Preslar, Thomas


Preslie, John


Prestwood, Augustine


Pryor, John


Pugh, Enoch


Pugh, James


Pugh, Jesse


Pugh, John


Pugh, Thomas


Raiford, Matthew Jr.


Raiford, Matthew Sr.


Raines, John


Ramsay, James


Ramsay, John


Ramsouer, Michael


Raney, William


Ranetalor, Thomas


Rankin, William


Ratcliff, Elisha R.


Ratcliff, Sam Jr.


Ratcliff, Samuel


Ray, Samuel


Rennolds, Peth


Richardson, Sam


Richardson, Joseph


Richerson, Peter


Riddle, Thomas


Roberson, Thomas


Robertson, James


Robeson, William


Robins, James


Robinson, Charles


Robinson, Luke


Rogers, Hyram


Rogers, Jacob


Robinson, Tirey


Rogers, Josiah


Rogers, Sion


Rogers, William


Roles, Damsey


Rollins, Drury


Round, James


Routh, Joseph


Rudd, Burlingham


Ruine, David


Rushen, Mark


Ryle, John


Ryan, John


Sally, George A.


Sanders, David


Sanders, James


Sanders, Thomas E.


Sanders, William


Sanderson, Reuben


Sands, Richard


Sappenfield, Matthias


Sounders, Patrick


Saxon, Benjamin


Saxon, Charles


Schwenck, Matthew
Searcy, Reuben


Self, Job


Sellars, Thomas


Senderman, Henry


Shaw, Philip Jr.


Shaw, Philip Sr.


Shepherd, John


Shoemaker, Conrad


Shor, John


Short, Daniel


Short, James


Short, William


Sidden, William


Sidewell, John


Sike, Christian


Simmons, John


Sims, George


Sitton, Philip


Skin, Samuel


Skinner, John


Skipper, Barnabee


Skipper, George


Slaughter, Owen


Smith, Abner


Smith, Alexander


Smith, Benjamin


Smith, Charles


Smith, Daniel


Smith, David


Smith, David


Smith, Edward


Smith, Francois


Smith, Henry


Smith, John


Smith, John


Smith, Moses


Smith, Peter


Smith, Richard


Smith, Robert


Smith, Will


Smith, Zachariah


Snider, John


Sondhill, John S.


Soots, Jacob


Southerland, Raleigh


Sowell, Charles S.


Sowel, John


Sowell, Sam


Sowel, Lewis


Sowel, William


Spinks, William


Springfellow, William


Stewart, James


Stewart, John


Stinkberry, John


Stinton, Eron


Stokes, Henry


Stollie, Jacob


Strader, Henry


Stringer, John


Strongfellow, William


Stroud, Abraham


Suggs, John T.


Sutton, John


Sweany, James


Sweany, Joseph


Swearingen, Van


Swearingen, Samuel


Swearingen, Thomas


Swearingen, Thomas


Swift, Thomas


Swing, Barnet


Swing, Lodwick


Swor, John Jr.


Swor, John Sr.


Swor, Jonathan Jr.


Tallant, Moses M.


Tallant, Thomas


Tapley, Hosea


Taylor, Thomas


Teague, Abraham


Teague, Edward


Teague, Elijah


Teague, John


Teague, Joshua


Teague, Moses


Teague, William


Telfair, Jacob


Temply, Frederick


Thomas, John


Thomas, Samuel


Thomas, Zekial


Thompson, Elisha


Thompson, John


Thompson, Robert


Thompson, Samuel


Thompson, William


Thorn, Robert


Thornsbury, Edward


Thornsbury, William
Thornton, Abraham


Thornton, Thomas


Thorton, David


Thredhill, William


Tomlinson, Turner


Tomson, William


Tonenberg, Samuel


Torrance, John


Touchberry, John


Tree, Thomas


Treneen, William


Trull, Thomas


Tukins, Timothy


Turner, Jonathan


Tynor, William


Upton, James


Ussery, Thomas


Ussery, Welcome


Ussery, William


Vernon, Amos


Vickory, John


Vickory, Marmaduke


Vonstraver, Peter


Wade, Henry


Wagner, Samuel


Wainscott, Isaac


Walker, John


Walker, Silvanus


Walker, William


Walkers, Robert


Walkinford, Charles


Wallas, Jesse


Waller, Thomas


Walsh, Walter


Ward, William Jr.


Ward, William Sr.


Warse, Hysom


Watson, Jacob


Watson, William Jr.


Watts, John


Watts, Malachi


Webb, Beaty


Webb, John


Webb, Joseph


Webb, Leonard


Webb, Richard


Webb, Robert


Webb, William


Wed, John


Welch, Henry


Welch, Walter


Wellborn, Thomas


Whit, Ulrich


White, Augustine


White, Charles


White, James


White, James


White, John


White, Joseph


White, William


Whitt, Jacob


Wilbourne, Thomas


Wilcox, John


Wilkerson, James Sr.


Wilkins, Alexander


Wilkins, John


Wilkins, Robert


Wilkins, William


Willet, James


Williams, Eshmael


Williams, James


William, John


Williams, John


Williams, Nehemiah


Williams, Samuel


Williams, Solomon


Williams, Theofilis


Wills, James


Wilson, George


Wilson, James


Wilson, John


Wilson, Thomas


Wineham, Richard


Winkler, John


Winter, Daniel


Wood, Nathaniel


Wood, Robert


Woodward, Reuben


Woody, Robert


Word, Thomas


Wren, Prusley


Wright, Philbert


Wright, Thomas


Wyley, Hugh


Yeamons, Stokey


York, Robinson


York, Seymour


Youngblood, John


Younger, James











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