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Obadiah Howard was born on March 3 , 1737.

His family left Onslow County, North Carolina by 1755 and moved to Orange County, North Carolina. 

He married Priscilla Avery Breed. Their children may have included:

Nancy Howard (married Jonathan Mulkey)
Joseph Howard (1759, married Mary Kays),
Mary Howard (married James Thomas Chism),
Ann Howard,
Hannah Howard (married Aaron Hayes),
Stephen Howard (married Elizabeth Hart),
Avery Howard (married Mary Jolly), 
William Howard (married Jane Hart),
Christopher Howard (married Rebecca Hayes),
Sarah Howard (married Zachariah Gibbs),
Jesse Howard (married Hannah Harlan), and 
Priscilla Howard (married Jacob Chism).

They were members of the Separate Baptist church which had been established in 1755 by the Reverend Shubal Stearns.    

After a few years they followed the Reverend Philip Mulkey to South Carolina and settled about 1762 in the Fairforest Creek area of South Carolina. 

In the late 1790's they moved to Barren (now Monroe) County Kentucky and became members of the Mill Creek Baptist Church. 

Obadiah died in 1804 in Tompkinsville, Barren County, Kentucky.











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