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Uriah Hunt

East Tennessee is part of Appalachia. At the end of the French and Indian War, colonists began drifting into the area. In 1769, they first settled along the Watauga River. During the Revolution, the Overmountain Men defeated British loyalists at the Battle of Kings Mountain. The State of Franklin was formed in the 1780s, but never admitted to the Union.

Uriah Hunt was born about 1757. He was the son of Thomas Hunt.

He married Sarah Kincheloe about 1782.

Thomas Hunt (1785, married Martina Bayless, daughter of Samuel Bayless),
Smith Hunt (1794, married Patsy Alison),
Uriah Hunt (1787, married Mary Kincheloe),
Benjamin Hunt (1787)
Peter Hunt
Acksey (Acsah) Hunt (1802, married Richard Martin),
Dyce Hunt ((1807, married Payne Squib)
Jesse Hunt, (1798)
Sarah Hunt (married James Duncan)
Rhoda Hunt (1792, married Joseph Duncan)

Uriah was a Baptist minister. They lived in the Sulphur Springs Community of Washington County, Tennessee

According to his grandson, U. H. Hunt's, 1914 obituary

His grandfather, Uriah Hunt, came to this place in 1786 and purchased all the land from the Isaac Galloway farm to the Walker farm, it being a part of North Carolina then. He owned slaves and always freed them at the age of 31 years. He was secretary of the first Missionary Baptist gathering in what is now Tennessee. He preached in the homes of the people, laying the foundation for a greater religious faith.

In 1778 in Washington County, Tennessee, Uriah Hunt was fined for insulting the court.

Uriah died about 1824.



23 Oct. 1782,
NC Grant #29
to Uriah Hunt,
300 acres in Washington Co.
on both sides Boons Creek
adj. Joseph Dunkins line.


from Washington Co. TN Deeds
14 Oct. 1812,
Joseph Duncan of Marion (sic-Warren) Co. KY sold to Uriah Hunt all rights ...
in land, being 1/7 part of 229 acres as yet undivided, and joining land with George Bell.
Wit. Jesse Hunt, Thos. Hunt, Richd. Martin.
Wit. Jesse Hunt & Richd. Martin in court : April, 1827.


From Tennessee's Pioneer Baptist Preachers, page 256:

Uriah Hunt was one of a family of eleven children. He was born March 3, 1757, died October 7, 1824, and was buried in the old family graveyard, near Limestone Church, Washington County, Tenn. He came from North Carolina to Washington County in upper East Tennessee at an early day, and was said to be of English descent.


from Greene Co. Tennessee Chancery Court Enrolling dockets 1837-1839

Joseph Duncan & wife
vs. Smith Hunt & Thos. Hunt, heirs of Uriah Hunt,

Joseph Duncan of wife Rhoda formerly Rhoda Hunt of Blount Co. TN but formerly of Washington Co. TN;

  • that some years ago Uriah Hunt father of Rhoda died leaving a paper intended to be his will, the paper not having been tested as law requires, it was not good,
  • several distributees by bond among themselves agreed to distribute the estate as their ancestor wanted in the defective will;
  • Smith Hunt and Thomas Hunt, two sons, administered the estate;
  • Orators were to be allowed a tract of land or enough money to buy it, and the heirs agreed that orators should have $600 out of the first moneys collected;
  • Smith and Thomas Hunt about 1824 returned an inventory of personal estate, sale brought in money, more than 5 years ago;
  • orators were not paid their share but were told to buy land in Blount Co. and Hunts would pay for it, but then refused to lend him aid in the payment;
  • that 2 or 3 years ago Thomas and Smith Hunt filed a bill against orator "Samuel" Duncan in Chancery Court of Greenville regarding the land their ancestor purchased from Joseph Duncan, but there was no equity in the land;
  • Duncans paid the costs, Hunts still have not paid orators their share;
  • The heirs and distributees are:
    • Thomas Hunt,
    • Smith Hunt,
    • Uriah Hunt,
    • Benjamin Hunt,
    • Peter Hunt and Delila his wife formerly Delila Hunt,
    • Richard Martin and Acksey his wife formerly Acksey Hunt,
    • Payne Squibb and Dyce his wife formerly Dyce Hunt,
    • Jesse Hunt, and
    • James Duncan and Sarah his wife formerly Sarah Hunt, and
    • orator and oratrix, the oratrix is one of the daughters of Uriah Hunt;
  • Smith Hunt resides in Washington Co. and Thomas Hunt in Greene Co.;

filed 25 Oct. 1831.


  • Thomas and Smith Hunt said the heirs agreed to offer complainant Rhody Duncan as much of a tract of land formerly owned by their decd. brother William Hunt to the value of $600; Rhoda was willing but Joseph Duncan objected;
  • Joseph Duncan purchased about 160 acres of land in Blount Co. from Andrew Duncan for $600, $400 to be paid in cash and $200 in trade; that Smith and Thomas paid $400 part to Andrew and part to Thomas, and then Joseph satisfied the $200 in trade;
  • that title was made jointly to Joseph and Rhoda Duncan for life and then to their children, but Joseph wanted it to himself absolutely;
  • that $400 each would have been a fair share to each heir, but the heirs allowed Joseph $600 due to his straightened circumstances;
  • Joseph would not take a share of the inventory sale in stock, etc., but wanted cash;
  • that about 1812 the complt. Joseph sold Uriah Hunt land in Washington Co. for $140 but Hunt did not get possession as Jane Duncan, mother of complt. Joseph, had a life estate in the tract;
  • the part sold Uriah was an undivided share;
  • that after Uriah died, Joseph sold it to Jacob Roblen? for $200? ($300?) which made the other heirs of Uriah file a bill in Chancery against Joseph and said Roblen;
  • after filing, the compt. agreed to pay $140 and costs of $50;
  • Uriah's widow is still living;
  • the Hunts were willing to give Duncan his full share of the estate all along but he refused.

Copy of bond between heirs (Jane (X) Hunt, widow of Uriah Hunt).
Copy of Deed, Joseph Duncan of Warren Co. KY to Uriah Hunt, 14 Oct. 1812.Receipts by Joseph Duncan.

Nov. term 1834, hearing; 15 Sept. 1837, there is due to the complts. the aggregate sum of $899.65; request by Hunts for appeal;

A plaintiff (plt, plte, plt) or orator is the person who brings a case against another.
A defendant (def tf) is a person accused of a crime or someone challenged in a civil case.

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