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A List of Tithables Taken by Robert Chandler for 1767

  from The History of Pittsylvania County, Virginia by Maud Carter Clement  

Pittsylvania County, Virginia was formed in 1767 from Halifax County. In 1777 the western part became Henry County.

Name other men in household  
Acoff, John    
Baby, Thomas    
Bates, Henry Isaac Bates, Henry Bates, Jr. Mathew Steed, negro Samson  
Blevins, Dillion    
Blevins, James , Jr.    
Blevins, John son of Daniel Blevins  
Blevins, John, Sr.    
Boling, Archibald    
Bolling, John    
Bowman, John    
Bullington, Benjamin    
Burns, Alexander    
Burns, Charles    
Burns, Samuel    
Daniel, George    
Dugger, William    
Guinn, James    
Guinn, Pyerce    
Hall, Sammuel    
Harber, Abner    
Hubbard, Benjamin    
Hubbard, Thomas    
Kinton, Francis    
McGuffey, John    
Ray, John    
Rice, William    
Rowland, George negroes Samson, Winey, Hannah, Mimsey, Luck  
Sams, James    
Sams, William    
Simmons, Shockley F.    
Walling/Wallen, Elisha Negro Jake  
Webb, Merry, Jr.    
Webb, Martin    
Webb, Merry, Sr. Bartley O'Neal, negroes Robert, Brinter, Judy, Jeanx, Jas. Webb the son of Merry  
White, Richard    
Wilson, James and Moses his son  
Wilson, Thomas    

Halifax County, Virginia was established in May, 1752 from Lunenburg County. The counties of Henry, Patrick and Pittsylvania and part of Franklin were formed out of Halifax.











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