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Hogg Family


Gideon Hogg was born about 1720.

He married Judith Pittman.

John Hogg
Thomas Hogg
Agnes Hogg
Gideon Hogg
Ann Hogg (married Joseph Denton),
Mourning Hogg (married Abraham Denton),
Judith Hogg Gibson,
Rebecca Hogg Shelton, and
Mary Hogg Yates.

Gideon Hogg died in Caswell County,








from Some of the Descendants of Rev. Richard Denton by Edythe Johns Rucker Whitley

In 1775 Peter Hog spelled with only one ”g” was living in Shenandoah County, but the definite connection with Gideon Hogg, into which family Abraham, and Joseph Denton married is not known at this time....

Just when Gideon Hogg and members of his family came into North Carolina, is not certain. The 1790 census does not list him as a resident of Caswell County, North Carolina; however, in 1793 in the month of April, Gideon Hogg died in Caswell County, leaving a will, in which he names his wife Judith, and children, John, William, Elizabeth, Thomas, Agnes, Gideon, Ann Denton, Mourning Denton, Judith Gibson, Rebecca Shelton, and Mary Yates.



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