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Mary Davis Foster

Groton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts was settled and incorporated in 1655
Middlesex County, Massachusetts was created on May 10, 1643. The county originally included Charlestown, Cambridge, Watertown, Sudbury, Concord, Woburn, Medford, Wayland, and Reading.

Mary Davis Foster was born on May 20, 1699 in Groton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Her parents were Samuel and Anna Davis.

She married Moses Foster. Moses was born in 1692 in Chelmsford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. His parents were Samuel Foster and Sarah Keyes.

He has been confused with Deacon Moses Foster who was born in 1697 in Ipswich.

Moses and Mary's children may have included:
Phoebe Foster (1716),
Samuel Foster (1718),
Esther Foster (1720),
Mary Foster (1722),
Sarah Foster (1724),
Martha Foster (1726, married John Bates),
Elizabeth Foster (1729),
Moses Foster, Jr. (1731, married Hannah Lee),
Jane Foster (1733),
Joseph Foster (1735),
Eunice Foster (1737) and
Anna Foster (1739, Nathan Melvin). 

Littleton town records show that on March 4, 1716/17 Moses was obliged to pay to the minister.

On March 17, 1719/20 a petition was denied to be set off to Littleton that Moses and others signed.

On November 16, 1731, Samuel and Anna conveyed their possessions to Moses. Moses was to care for Samuel and Anna from that time on. There was no fixed understanding of the details which caused some problems later. In 1734 Samuel and Moses sued each other. The Court's decision was against Foster.

Groton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts was settled and incorporated in 1655. During King Philip's War, indigenous warriors burned all but four of Groton's garrisons. Survivors fled, but returned two years later to rebuild the town. Groton was again threated during Queen Anne's War.
Children of Samuel
and Anna Davis
  • Samuel Davis
  • Anna Davis
  • Mary Davis Foster
  • Barnabas Davis
  • Simon Davis
  • Amos Davis
  • Experience Davis
  • Elizabeth Davis
  • Ebenezer Davis
  • Stephen Davis
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    Before 1752 the year began on Lady Day, March 25th,. Dates between January 1st and March 24th were at the end of the year. Old Style (O.S.) and New Style (N.S.) are used to indicate whether the year has been adjusted. Often both dates are used.

    Chelmsford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts was incorporated in May, 1655
    It was common for bequests to include wearing apparel.



    From Foster Genealogy by Frederick Clifton Pierce

    Moses Foster (Samuel, Samuel), b. Chelmsford, Mass., Oct . 4, 1692; m. Mary. He resided in Chelmsford until 1719 when he moved away. Res.,Chelmsford, Mass.
    i. Samuel, b. Oct. 31, 1718.
    ii. Moses, b. 1720; m. Hannah Lee.


    History of the Town of Westford, in the County of Middlesex, Massachusetts by Edwin Ruthven Hodgman

    Littleton, March 4, 1716/17.
    This may certifie whom it may concern that Joshua Fletcher, Joseph Hildreth, Moses Foster, Benjamin Robbins, Josiah Barrett, and Josiah Whitney are obliged to pay to the minister at Littleton.
    Samuel Dudley, Town Clerk.

    Benjamin Robbins, Josiah Whitney, Joshua Fletcher, David Bixby, Moses Foster, Joseph Butterfield, Josiah Barrett, Joseph Hildreth, and John Proctor petitioned to be set off to Littleton, and their petition was denied March 17, 1719/20.

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