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Daniel Ferree 1706

Variations of Ferree: Fara, Ferie, Ferree, Ferrez, Ferrie, Fiere, Firre, Fierre, Fuchre, Fuehre, LeFerre, and Verree.

Europeans who made the voyage to America faced a difficult journey of several months.

Daniel Ferree was born in 1706 in Steinweiler, Germany. He was the son of of Daniel Ferree and Anna Marie Leininger.

He sailed to America with his parents in 1708.erjgg

He married Mary Carpenter on May 1, 1739. Mary was born about 1722 and was the daughter of Heinrich Zimmerman who anglicized his name to Henry Carpenter. He was called Black Henry.

Mary and Daniel's children may have included:
Salome Ferree (1743)
David Ferree
Mary Ferree Carpenter (about 1743, married Dr. John Carpenter).

The Huguenots were 16th and 17th century French protestants. About 500,000 Huguenots fled France because of religious persecution. They relocated to Protestant nations.



A yeoman was a man who owned and cultivated a small farm. He belonged to the class below the gentry or land owners. A husbandman was a free tenant farmer. The social status of a husbandman was below that of a yeoman.

Genealogical Notes of the Carpenter Family by Seymour David Carpenter

. . . In 1739 she [Mary Carpenter] was married to Daniel Fiere, the son of one of the old settlers, and of a very prominent family. She was married in the old stone house before mentioned, by her brother Emanuel, who in 1735 had been appointed Justice of the Peace of His Majesty George I. His father and mother and all his brothers were present at the wedding, besides many others. Rupp, in his History, gives the following account of the wedding.

Form of the marriage of Daniel Fiere, Jr., who was a son of the first settler, but born in this country, with Mary Carpenter, a Zimmerman, daughter of Henry Carpenter, first immigrant, but born in this country.

whereas, Daniel Fiere, of the County of Lancaster, and province of Pennsylvania, yeoman, and Mary Carpenter, daughter of Henry Carpenter, of the county and province aforesaid, spinster, having made due publication of their intention of marriage as the law directs

These are, therefore, to certify, all whom it may concern, that on the 1st day of May, Anno Domini, 1739, before me, Emanuel Carpenter, one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said county, they, the said Daniel Fiere and Mary Carpenter, appeared in a public and solemn assembly for that purpose appointed,

and meet together at the dwelling house of the aforesaid Henry Carpenter, where he, the said Daniel Fiere, did openly declare that he took the said Mary Carpenter to be his wife, promising to be unto her a loving and faithful husband till death should separate them, and she, the said Mary Carpenter, then and there in the assembly, did in like manner openly declare that she took the said Daniel Fiere to be her husband, promising to be unto him a loving, faithful and obedient wife till death should separate them,

and for a further confirmation thereof both the said parties to these presents have here unto interchangeably put their hands, she after the custom of marriage assuming the surname of her husband; and we, whose names are hereunto subscribed, being witnesses present at the solemnization thereof, the year and day first above written.

Emanuel Carpenter,
Daniel Fiere,
Mary Fiere,
Henry Fiere,
Henry Hanes,
Elizabeth Kemp,
Paulus Peter Apfel,
Henry Carpenter,
Salome Carpenter,
Lawrence Hayn,
Daniel Lefevre,
Heinrich Zimmerman,
William Buffington,
Daniel Zimmerman,
Hans Hause,
Gabriel Zimmerman,
Jacob Carpenter,
Theophilus Hartman,
Christian Zimmerman,
Hans Hartman,
Isaac Fiere,
Peter Fiere,
Johann Conrad Kaempf,
Isaac LeFevre,
Daniel Harman,
Johannes Volkecummer,
George Philip Dollinger,
Christian Harman,
Maria Herman,
Abraham Fiere,
Philip LeFevre,
Hester LeFevre,
Samuel LeFevre,
Susan Zimmerman,
Jacob Fiere,
Salome Harman,
Leah Fiere,
Rachel Fiere,
Isaac Fiere,
Mary Ham,
Jonas le Rou.

King George I ruler of Great Britain from August 1, 1714 until his death June 11, 1727.

The Pennsylvania-German, Volume 11 by Philip Columbus Croll, Henry Addison Schuler, Howard Wiegner Kriebel, "A Carpenter Family of Lancaster," by A. Y. Casanova.

Mary Carpenter, born in 1722. was the eighth and youngest child of Heinrich, the pioneer. She married Daniel Ferree and this was the first alliance between these two prominent colonial families. Rupp in his History of Lancaster. devotes several pages to this marriage which took place on May 1, 1739, and was performed by Mary’s brother Emanuel, who was at the time one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace, and which ceremony took place in the house of the pioneer Heinrich, in the presence of about forty-five relatives and connections who signed the marriage certificate which is given in full by the said historian.

Daniel Ferree was a son of Daniel Ferree Sr., and Anna Maria. Leininger, who were married in Europe, and emigrated to this country with Madame Ferree whose story is beautifully told by Rupp and Dr. Stapleton. Daniel Ferree and Mary Carpenter Ferree had three children, two of them Salome and Daniel, died in early youth unmarried, and the third, Mary, married Dr. John, son of Dr. Henry, and granddaughter of Heinrich Carpenter, as has been stated above. She inherited much wealth and property from her parents.



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