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Hannah Fiske Platts

The town of Ipswich was established on August 5, 1634, from common land called Agawam. On October 18, 1648, that portion called the "Village" at the New Meadows was set off as Topsfield. The boundary line between Ipswich and Topsfield was established, February 28, 1694.

Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts was first settled in 1639.

Hannah Fiske Platts was born on December 21, 1697 in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts. Her parents were Joseph Fiske and Susannah Warner.

She married James Platts of Rowley on October 29, 1720. James was born on April 20, 1696 in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts. His parents were Sergeant John Platts and Judith Foster.

Their children included:
James Platts (1721, died as an infant), and
Mark Platts (1722, married Hannah Kilburn).

Hannah died on September 28, 1723 in Rowley when she was only 25 years old. Hannah probably died due to childbirth complications.

After she died, James married Mercy Wheeler on June 25, 1725. Mercy was born August 30, 1696 in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. Her parents were Nathan Wheeler and Rebecca Safford.

James and Mercy's children included:
Mercy Platts Nelson (1726, married John Nelson),
James Platts (1727/28, married Mary Perkins),
Hannah Platts (1729, married Jedidiah Kilburn, Jr.),
Judith Platts (1731/32, married James Phillips), and
Sarah Platts (1734).

Mercy died on November 11, 1753.

First printed in Boston 1745
Children of Joseph Fiske
and Susannah Warner
  • Joseph Fiske
  • Hannah Fiske Platts
  • Susanna Fiske Kilburn
  • Sarah Fiske
  • Elizabeth Fiske Dwinnell
  • Ruth Fiske Estey
  • Abigail Fiske
  • Joseph Fiske
  • Mark Fiske
  • John Fiske
  • Childbirth was was perilous. Around 1.5 percent of births ended in the mother's death. Since women gave birth to many children, chances of dying in childbirth were quite high.
    The New England Meetinghouse was the only municipal building in a town. Both worship and civil meetings were held there. It was customary for men and women to sit separately and the town chose a committee once a year to assign seats according to what was paid, age, and dignity.



    from The Genealogical and Encyclopedic History of the Wheeler Family by Albert Gallatin Wheeler, American College of Genealogy

    Nathan Wheeler, son of David (5401) and Sarah (Wise) Wheeler. Born at Newbury, Mass., Dec. 27, 1659.

    Married Rebecca , who died June 28, 1755, aged 88 years. He lived at Newbury, Mass., and took the oath of allegiance 1678 [to King Charles II].

    King Charles II ruled England from 1660 to 1685.

    In 1721, Boston had a terrible smallpox epidemic. Citizens fled the city and spread the disease to the other colonies. Inoculation was introduced during this epidemic by Zabdiel Boylston and Cotton Mather.

    from Essex Institute Historical Collections

    Serg't John Platts (Jonathan9) born 20 Jan., 1658-9, married 13 April, 1693, Judith, daughter of William and Mary (Jackson 61-3) Foster. She was born 19 June, 1644 and died 18 Nov., 1722. He died 27 March, 1752 "aged 93 years" (Chh. R.).

    Mary, b. 15 Jan., 1693-4.
    James, b. 20 April, 1696; m. Hannah Fiske.
    John, b. 24 Jan., 1700-1; m. 21 March, 1742-3, Sarah (Davis) Cressey, widow of John Cressey. He died at Cape Breton, 1745 "with the sickness" (Chh. R.). His widow Sarah m. (3) 5 July, 1753, John Dickinson
    Hephzibah, b. 1 Dec, 1703; m. 7 Dec, 1727, David Cressey (see Register Vol. 31: 197).
    Johaunah, b. 23 June, 1707; d. 13 June, 1717.

    James Platts (Serg't John2, Jonathan) born 20 April, 1696; married (pub. 29 Oct., 1720) Hannah Fiske of Ipswich. She died 28 Sept., 1723.

    He married (2) in Newbury, 25 June, 1725, Mercy Wheeler of Newbury. She died 11 Nov., 1753.

    Children by wife Hannah:
    James, bapt. 24 Sept., 1721; d. 14 Feb., 1722-3.
    Mark, b. 11 Dec, 1722; m. 9 Nov., 1747, Hannah [Kilburn] Kilbourne 80-32. She died 4 Oct., 1814 "in her 100 year."

    Children by wife Mercy:
    Mercy, b. 10 Nov., 1726; m. 27 Aug., 1751, John Nelson
    James, b. 6 Feb., 1727-8; m. (pub. 6 Jan., 1752) Mary Perkins of Ipswich.
    Hannah [Platts], b. 8 Nov., 1729; m. 7 Nov., 1749, Jedidiah Kilbourne [Kilburn] 00-83. [son of Susannah Fiske and Jedidiah Kilburn]
    Judith, b. 8 Jan., 1731-2.
    Sarah, bapt. 21 April, 1734.

    Essex County, Massachusetts was created on May 10, 1643 by the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, when it ordered "that the whole plantation within this jurisdiction be divided into four sheires."
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