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Samuel Fiske

Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts was settled in 1636. The first settlers called it Enon or Salem Village. It was officially set off from the Town of Salem on May 10, 1643.

Samuel Fiske was born on February 16, 1670 in Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts. He was the son of William Fiske and Sarah Kilham.

He married Elizabeth Brown (or Browne) on December 5, 1699. Elizabeth was born June 27, 1671 in Reading, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth and Samuel's children included:
Elizabeth Fiske (1700),
Josiah Fiske (1702),
Phineas Fiske (1705),
Jonathan Fiske (1706),
Samuel Fiske (1708),
Anna Fiske (1710) and
Lois Fiske (1710).

He moved to Rehoboth, Massachusetts about 1710 where he died.
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Children of
Deacon William Fiske
and Sarah Kilham
  • William Fiske
  • Sarah Fiske Cook
  • Ruth Fiske
  • Samuel Fiske
  • Martha Fiske
  • Joseph Fiske
  • Samuel Fiske
  • Joseph Fiske
  • Benjamin Fiske
  • Theophilus Fiske
  • Ebenezer Fiske
  • Deacon Ebenezer Fiske
  • Jonathan Fiske
  • Elizabeth Fiske Foster




    Rehoboth, Massachusetts was settled in 1643. It originally included included Seekonk, and parts of Attleboro, North Attleborough, Swansea and Somerset in Massachusetts, and East Providence, Barrington, Bristol, Warren, Pawtucket, Cumberland, and Woonsocket in Rhode Island.

    from The Fiske Family by Albert Augustus Fiske, 1867

    Samuel Fiske, second son of Dea. William, of Wenham, was married to Elizabeth Browne, of Reading, in Dec., 1699.

    They had
    Elizabeth, born in December, 1700;
    Josiah, in 1702;
    Phineas, 1705;
    Jonathan, 1706;
    Samuel, 1708; and
    Lois and Anna, twins, in 1710.

    The family, soon after the last birth, removed to Rehoboth, and from thence, in time, mostly scattered to parts unknown. Samuel Fiske, the father, was living in Rehoboth as late as 1718, and there are strong reasons for believing that his eldest son was the Josiah Fiske who was there married to Sarah Bishop, in 1723. Otherwise the latter cannot be identified with any branch of his name in this country.

    Essex County, Massachusetts was created on May 10, 1643 by the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, when it ordered "that the whole plantation within this jurisdiction be divided into four sheires."


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