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Aaron Hart

North Carolina was one of the thirteen original Colonies. It was first settled by small farmers and grew quickly in the mid 18th century.

Aaron Hart was born about 1732.

His wife was named Jane.

Moses Hart (1759),
Thomas Hart (1760),
Elisha Hart (1760, Elinore Bogan),
Mary Hart (married Joseph Howard),
Elizabeth Hart (1765, married Stephen Howard),
Miles Hart (1766),
Aaron Hart (1766, married Mary King and Mary Carson),
Joseph Hart (1768),
Oliver Hart (1772, married Jane Polk),
Jane Hart (1772, married William Howard),
Iredell Hart (1780),
Josiah Hart (1779),
Rebecca Hart (1803,) and
Belinda Hart (1805, married John Buckles, son of John Buckles and Frances Wallingford).

In 1763, an Aaron Hart appeared on the list of taxpayers in Anson County, North Carolina.

On February 17, 1773, an Aaron Hart was granted 100 acres in Union County, South Carolina,

The 1790 census in Union County, South Carolina included the following families:

Thomas Hart: 1 male +16; 3 males -16; 2 females
Aron Hart: 1 male +16; 1 male -16; 4 females
Elisha Hart: 1 male +16; 2 males -16; 2 females
Aaron Hart, Jr.: 1 male +16; 2 males -16; 3 females
Joseph Hart: 1 male +16; 1 male -16; 2 females

On December 15, 1809, in the settlement of Thomas Brandon's sale of 100 acres that were originally owned by Aaron Hart it stated that

Jane Hart, wife of Aaron Hart relinquishes dower rights to Thomas Brandon, son of Thomas Brandon (deceased).

Aaron died about 1810.

Aaron Hart, Jr.

In 1809 he was on the Hardin County, Kentucky tax list.

During the War of 1812 he was a Captain of a company of men from Hardin County.

He was appointed commisioner of Hardin County after the war and represented Hardin County in the Kentucky House of Representatives in 1817.

In 1834 applied to build a grist mill on the Nolin River. 



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