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John Heard

The first European settlements in Maryland were made in 1634 when English settlers created a permanent colony.

John Heard was related to William Heard.

John married. Susanna was the daughter of Jeffrey Hudson.

John and Susanna's children may have included:

John Heard
Susannah Norris,
Ignatius Heard,
William Heard,
James Heard
Luke Heard,
Mary Peake
John Basil Heard

In 1678 John inherited Susannah's father, Jeffery Hudson's entire estate in Saint Mary's County, Maryland.

They bought and lived on the 130 acre plantation, Poole, shortly before 1696. They also owed part of Heard's Choice, Ossly, and Nevitt's.

John died on August 3, 1696. Susanna died 1707.

Charles County is in south central Maryland and was created in 1658. The first settlers were mainly English tobacco planters, their indentured servants and enslaved people. Many of of the settlers were Roman Catholic. The county, as originally laid out, also included parts of present day Calvert, Prince George's and St. Mary's Counties.

Maryland was established with religious freedom for Catholics. The colonial economy was based on tobacco cultivated by Africans who had been enslaved.



Hudson, Jeffery
St Mary's Co.,
18th Feb., 1677; 8th Apr., 1678.
To John Heard and hrs., entire estate.
Ex. not named.
Test: Nich. Geulick. 9. 2.

Jeffrey Hudson 5.223 I SM #1164 Apr 20 1678
Appraisers: Matthew Cartwright, Thomas Bassett

Jeffery Hudson 6,233 A SM #1244 #2688 Jul 29 1679
Received from: Abraham Newman, James Neale,
Payments to: Mr. John Steventon, James Greene,
Executor: John Heard.

Testis (Test) is latin for witness. Testes is the plural.

Liber 24, Folio 531
23 Dec. 1746
Heard, John, Sr.,
St. Mary's Co.
To son John Heard & dau. Susannah Norris, 1 sh. sterl. each.
To son Ignatius Heard, 160a of Well Found, where his quarter is, & a sheep.
To son William Heard, the remaining part of Well Found & negro boy George.
To son James Heard, the part of Heard Hardship on the E side of the path from his house
to Luke Heard, a sheep, & the next child my negro woman Nan shall bring after the one she goes with.
To dau. Mary Peake, a sheep.
To son John Basil Heard, my dw. plntn. & all other e. r. & p., to be held by son James till John Basil is 21.
Extrs: sons James & John Basil.
Witn: Matthew Hward, Ignatius Jarboe, Peter Peake
20 Jan. 1746/7,
sworn to by all 3 witn.


A land patent is an exclusive land grant made by the government. The certificate that grants the land rights is also called first-title deed and final certificate. In the United States, all land can be traced back to the original land patent.

Will of Susanna Heard, widow of John Heard,
Saint Mary's County,

Son: William, Exec., dwelling plantation Poole lately bought by dec'd husband from Thomas Salmon; 130 ac., pt. of 2 patents Heard's Choice and Ossly, 330 ac. granted to late husband.
Son: John, 100 ac. Nevitt's; if dies without issue to son, William.
Grandson: John Norris and heirs and in turn
to grandchildren Luke, Mark, and Elizabeth Norris and their heirs, 50 ac., pt. of afsd patents.
To: Sons-in-law, John Norris and Nicholas Mills; daughter, Mary Tant; grandchildren Matthew Tant, Monica Norris, and Elizabeth Heard; daughter, Susanna Norris; and John Harding's [children]
personalty. Grandchildren to receive their legacies at majority.
Wit: Benjamin Gough, Justinian Greenwell, Elizabeth Wheatley.

Personal property can be called personalty (personality), goods, chattels, articles, or movable property. It includes both animate or inanimate property.

from Origins of Clements-Spalding and Allied families of Maryland and Kentucky by J. W. S. Clements

John Heard was transported into the Colony before 1663 and his wife Susana, as a servant to Colonel Win. Evans. John attested the will of Bayley, 1666, executor of Anthony Laughlin 1684 and sole devisee of Jeffrey Hudson 1677 in St. Mary's County, evidently the father of Susana...

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